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Darkhorse 05-09-2005 09:10 AM

Ripped Or Massive (no inbetween)
If you could pick one, which would it be? There is no inbetween. Let's all see what everyone wants out of training. Here's my definitions between the two:
Ripped: Tiny but shredded. Let's say 14-15 inch arms, and weigh 170lbs, under 8% bodyfat and an 8 pack.
Massive: 19-20" guns, weigh about 250, have love handles, 20% bodyfat, barrell chested (and no, I'm not referring to myself)

In reference to what women want, which some of you will argue, here's my opinion on that: I'll use superheroes as examples so everyone can understand.
Put spiderman at one end of the bar in a nice shirt and jeans.
Put the wolverine at the other end wearing the same clothes.
The women don't see how ripped spiderman is, just looks like a 15 year old boy. They look at the wolverine and see his muscles bulging out of his shirt. The first thought the girls think of is what must he look like with his shirt off. Poor spidey, they never gave him a chance to show how ripped he was. So spiderman takes it upon himself to walk over there and ask if they want to see his abs. The girls don't even pay attention to poor spidey. Instead, they ask wolverine to flex those 20" pythons he has for arms. The juices start flowing and the wolverine takes them home, leaving spidey to rethink his workout and diet regieme ...
The moral of the story is that the more muscular you are, the more women want to check under the hood. Tiny "shredded" guys would have to take off their shirts in the middle of a bar to be noticed...And probably get thrown out in the process.

Frontline 05-09-2005 09:19 AM

When I think of tiny I think height. If I was at least 5'10 and could be ripped I would definately choose that over being the same height but massive with 20% bodyfat and lovies. Having 20% bodyfat and struggling trying to lose it sucks, especially if your genes make you naturally thick (as mine do). As long as I'm not a short man I would definately want the ripped option.

In my experience in college, women in general want an athletic build (aka skinny guy with good def). Being a bigger more muscular guy doesn't help that much unless your showing it off alot wearing polos and crap. The first assumption unless your guns or some part of your body is showing is that your just a "big guy". And personally, I have learned in college that personallity is key. I know fat guys that do alot better than me with women just because they are smooth operators.

Darkhorse 05-09-2005 09:30 AM

I agree with the personality think. But, when I was in college, they always gravitated towards the bigger muscles plain and simple. I also have alot of experience at UCLA as well in that dept. I'm not saying big with a ring of fat around your muscles, just huge upper dody with some lovehandles.

Darkhorse 05-09-2005 10:23 AM

Yeah, personality is number one as long as you're not either malnutritioned or jolly fat.

Darkhorse 05-09-2005 04:16 PM

I took Biology. But, as everyone knows, the call of the wild (USMC) got the better of me and I dropped out after a whole semester. Best move I ever did.

verbatimreturned 05-10-2005 01:43 AM


Originally Posted by TAURUS
I had a revelation....when I was younger. I had a good personality with the ladies, although I had to work for the prize,,,,,Now Im bigger, my personality sucks, and I have no luck with the ladies. Is this a cruel joke being played by the gods? Life......

i think it is a cruel joke...ill go out and see loser looking people with the hottest girls..then i think to myself great talkers or they are wealthy

Darkhorse 05-10-2005 06:16 AM

Wealthy men can afford young women, no matter what their age. Bottom line.

apocalypse 05-11-2005 06:35 PM

I prefer to be ripped, I dont give a damn about size anymore. Damn, u know how sad I was when my bf went up to 12 to 16 from bad eating habits. I would rather look good in bed for my ole lady than to show myself off at a mcdonalds.

Darkhorse 05-11-2005 06:42 PM

Yeah, when my test starts dropping when I'm over 35 or something, I'll obviously change gears and look towards overall health, getting as ripped as I can, and be a cardio stud. :(

As for now, it's better to burn out then to fade away. As big as my body allows. :D

apocalypse 05-11-2005 07:54 PM

What is ur BF% 311??

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