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shin splints and deadlifts/squats

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Old 11-12-2010, 10:26 AM
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Default shin splints and deadlifts/squats

Hey guys. Just been to my doctor today and turns out i may have a 'shin splint'. Anyway i was just wondering if squats and deadlifts will help strengthen that area or do more harm than good.
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Old 12-17-2010, 01:15 PM
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Shin splints isn't actually a specific diagnosis. That is, there are several different
things that could lead to the kind of pain associated with shin splints. However, squats
and deadlifts shouldn't really affect them positively or negatively as far as I know.

As to my knowledge I think the most common cause of shin splints is thought to be medial tibial stress syndrome . It's associated with inflammation caused by irritation of the periostium which is the lining of the shin bone.

I am not positive how it works but two muscles in particular, tibialis posterior and
soleus both attach along the medial border of the shin. Usually what happens is people pound away at running, suddenly increase mileage, etc. to the point of fatigue and failure of these muscles which ends up causing irritation to the lining of the shin bone..possilbly because the muscles aren't absorbing the stress...I don't really know.

But anyway it's usually associated with running or similar activity..especially with

repeated impact. Now, it's possible that deadlifts and squats could improve knee and hip control and core stability. So this, in theory, could make you less prone to shin splints if your pain is associated with knee, hip, or stability problems in general. To be sure, they won't hurt and they are not likely to actually cause shin splints in and of

Things that for sure will help is:

1. Build up volume slowly if you run, etc.

2. If you are having bad shin splints that don't go away, that is, you walk around and
your shins hurt, you can ice it to help with the pain and inflammation and you can tape up the lower legs in a supportive way (so I've heard). I don't know the correct taping procedure.

3. Stretch the calves, soleus. Do self myofascial release on the calves, soleus. Foam
roller is difficult with this..best thing is "the stick" self massager or a tennis ball
(or lacrosse ball).

4. Warm up and cool down well.

5. Check your shoes. Sucky shoes could be a problem. Especially fancy over-engineered shoe for someone with normal healthy feet or shoes with no support for someone with over pronated or supinated feet (flat feet or high arches).

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