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_Wolf_ 06-30-2007 11:28 PM

Some Shoulder Rehab work that i did
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hey everyone :)

i thought i might be able to help out someone who has shoulder issues like me.

i suffer from lose shoulder joints (genetically) and i have had several shoulder dislocations (on both shoulders).

i am gonna be listing a few exercises i have used for Rehab work.

firstly, go see a doctor. i saw my physiotherapist several times to make sure i was doing the right stuff.

second, read up on this excellent thread: "Mucle, Joint and Shoulder Injuries" by Eric3237

a few articles which helped me out a little bit:

Shoulder Rehab 101 by Michael Hope
Shoulder Rehabilitation by Dr. David Ryan
Shoulder Saver Trilogy by Eric Cressey (links to parts 1,2 and 3 are insude

i have attached a doccument which is a description and a step by step technique of the rehab exercises which i did. i hope its not too difficult to understand.

this list of exercises is just to help out a few people. right now, thanks to Eric, ive shifted to Prehab work which includes Facepulls and Overhead Shrugs which have been working just fine.

my shoulder injuries are over 2 years old and ive been doing regular rehab work quite regularly.

the problem with the rehab work is that u can overdo it and injure ur muscles very easily so u need to know when to stop.

but, like i mentioned above: u MUST see a doctor ASAP. its very important that u do that.

stay safe and heal quickly :)

_Wolf_ 06-30-2007 11:45 PM

i cannot emphasize how important it is to first go and see a proper doctor. the exercises i have listed may help but it is CRUCIAL that u first go a see a doctor.

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