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RabidRabbit 11-09-2008 11:54 AM

Squatting with Psoriatic Arthritis
I've got psoriatic arthritis (PA) that flares up occasionally (about once or twice a week) and pretty much makes squatting impossible those days. I've been taking Enbrel since May and it has allowed me to progress from not being able to walk at all to being able to live a normal life and do things like full body strength training.

I did SS from July 9th until the middle of October (reducing squats to M & F). Right now I am on a 4 day routine (Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday) with squats on Sunday & Thursday. Now, my PA does not care what I want to do on Sundays & Thursdays it just flares up when it wants to. Deadlifting on flareup days sucks, but it is doable because my knees do not have to bend as much.

I know a lot of you have trained around injury and some of you have trained around chronic pain (Monstaface) so I come to the only message board whose members I hold in respect for advice.

Edit: I obviously want to keep squatting :)

I'm thinking I need to go to a "floating" squat schedule - do it the days I can, not the days it is written down. I'd rather not squat & heavy dead on the same day so I was thinking I'd float the heavy deadlift day (which I can usually do no matter how the knees feel) when the squats kick it off schedule.

I could also squat on off days but honestly I'd rather sit on my ass and recover.

Any advice?

RabidRabbit 11-09-2008 12:02 PM

Here is my current regime FYI.

It is a real hotdog and may horrify some of you...

Nov 2 to Nov 21

Goal Exercises
Squat, Deadlift, OH Press, Side Press

Sunday Heavy Squat, Back
Squat 3x5 100%
Good Morning 5x3 100%
Chins 3xF Assist - Fat
One Arm Deadlift 3x3 30 sec rest
Sandbag Shoulders 4 minutes - rep

Monday Heavy Press
Press 3x3 100%
Barbell Rows 3x5 100%
Side Press 3x1 100%
Dips 3xF Assist
Farmers Walk Distance 5 minutes

Thursday Volume Squat, Heavy Deadlift
Squat 3x8 60% 1 minute rest
Side Press 3x3 100% (PR)
Deadlift 5x1 100% (PR)
BB Curl 3x15 1 minute rest
Fat Bar Hang 4xT BW Timed, 30sec rest

Friday Volume Press
Bench Press 3x5 100%
Overhead Press 5x5 60% 30 seconds rest
DB Extensions 3x15 15lbs
Pull Throughs 3x10 Light Band
Farmers Walk Distance 5 minutes

Ross86 11-09-2008 12:22 PM

I only squat or deadlift heavy one day each week & it's never on a set day. I like to alternate heavy squats & heavy deadlifts each week.

joey98529 03-17-2011 07:25 AM

If i was you i would stop squating for a least 3 month,I had a Problem with my knees about 6 years ago,i had a lot of pain after doing squats.I continued with squating twice a week,took pain killers etc.This went on for about 3 months,then one day i was squating and my knee just buckled and i had to drop the weight behind me.I was lucky because i was just warming up.Now my knees are damaged so i no longer do squats.I now do leg presses for legs which are fine.

iron_worker 03-17-2011 12:54 PM

He has arthritis. It's a bit different.

In your case you were obviously doing something that was damaging your knees and should have stopped. Taking pain killers was especially stupid.

In the case of arthritis I believe it's mostly just pain regardless of what you are doing. I don't think the motion of the joints actually causes the pain.

Squat and deadlift when you can. It's nice to have set days but not necessary.


Dexter09 03-29-2011 03:15 AM

nice one..thanks...

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