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DanOpi20 07-23-2011 04:19 PM

Supplements, Nutrition, and Lifting
I am currently 16 years old and have been lifting for 3 years through my school weight room. I have never been super into it or fully dedicated to it. I am currently in the summer strength and conditioning program. What i want to accomplish from all of this is that i want to lose fat, and gain muscle. I weigh 180 and am around 5' 10". My body fat percentage is right around 15% and it used to be around 11%. I would like to lower that by as much as i can. I also hope to get stronger in my upper body. My legs are stronger than most of the other guys in my grade but when it comes to bench press I fall behind some. It was the same thing for my dad. I am hoping to be successful in football this year playing Safety and Wide Receiver. I currently have not been taking any supplements but i just ran to GNC the other day and asked what they recommended for a post work out supplement. The guy pointed me to AfterGlow by BioRhythm and i got a small container of that. I work out 4 times a week in this program i am in. Then i have football practice (7 on 7) 5 days a week on top of that.

Monday we do Bench Press (Main), Parallel Squat (Main), Lunge Walk, Dips, and Straight Leg Dead Lift (a stretch).

Tuesday is a running and speed day. It really depeneds on what the coaches want to do but we do some type of running followed by a ab/core workout.

Wednesday is another lifting day. Power Clean (Main), Hex Bar Dead Lift (Main), Incline Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Pull Ups

Thursday is a 2 hour session day where you run and do core for an hour and then you lift for an hour. We do Box Squat (Main), Towel Bench Press (Main), Glute Ham Raise, and Biceps.

The sets for the main lifts change every week. Weeks 1 - 4 is as follows, 3x3, 5x5, 5-4-3-2-1, 10-8-6 and then it's repeated for weeks 5-8. We are about to start week 5. All the other lifts we call auxiliary lifts and the sets are always 2x10. The way it works is if the reps stay the same the weight stays the same. If the reps go up the weight goes up.

This is all i do every week plus the football but that isn't anything like conditioning or getting in shape. It's getting back into the groove of everything if you know what i mean.

So my main question with this is what else could i be doing to get in shape and lose that fat? I am faster for my size but only in sprints. I do not have the ability to run long distance well and when we run sprints one after the other i get slower and slower. So i guess that would be my stamina. What could i do to improve that aspect? Does my work out look well planned out or are their flaws in it?

Now onto the supplements and nutrition part. I am wondering what all should i be looking to get as in supplements now that you know my goals. I want to build muscle and lose fat. Will AfterGlow all by itself be enough for me? Should i just be taking it after my workouts or should i be taking it on off days too? After this container is gone should i look for something else? What all do i need as in supplements?

The nutrition piece of it. What should my calorie intake be per day and is it important to track that? If so how is the best of way of doing so? How much water should i be drinking a day? I find myself around lunch time eating lots of frozen pizza and whenever at a restaurant i get a bacon cheeseburger. Are there any good substitutions i could make for lunch meals that are easy and quick to make? How many meals per day should i eat? Are there any foods i should be staying away from?

Any of this that can be answered or anyone that can help me with any of this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

DanOpi20 07-24-2011 06:09 PM

Anyone help?

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