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Darkvision 04-30-2008 05:39 PM

unsatisfactory after 1.5 year of training, pics
Hey guys!! I'm afraid I'm training my muscles wrong (bad improper form) to stimulate the wrong muscle groups, or not doing the right exercises at all!!

Let's begin, thanks for taking the time to respond by the way.

So I started a shoulder workout. I did seated barbell presses in frontof chest, straight up and down. Then I did seated dumbell presses, bad form probably, then I went and did this seated machine chicken wing thing.

Ok I feel this weird muscle growing and getting bigger on top of my shoulder and it's NOT the muscle I want growing!!!

here's a picture of it[the red circled];

the red circled thing is the weird shoulder muscle growing...

the blue circled belly fat... eww, no six pack!! I've been gaining weight and I got so happy but now I'm thinking it's just fat!!

can I run on my off days for 30 minutes? I'm afraid it'll burn up all my ectomorph hard-earned skinny muscle.

blue on the arms, more on this later. refer back to this pic.

anyways back to the shoulders, see in this next shot the circled purple is what I WANT, big round shoulders in THAT SPOT. NOT the yellow area;

ok so now, no cuts at all. bleh :[ I think I might be too fat. can you list some thread names I should read or expert advice on how to look more ripped and pack on muscle? what foods to eat etc? guys I've been studying this for a year here I'm not asking you to spoonfeed me. I NEVER eat fast food. I eat chicken, tuna, brown rice, whole milk, beef, lean beef, potatoes, wheat bread, peanut butter, brocolli etc.. nothing too fattening. I NEVER EAT CAKES OR "FAKE" FOODS. White sugar and white flour = death to me. I never drink soda either, so wtf is the problem? Inactivity I think.. I rarely run..

I'm so motivated to get that perfect body guys, if you told me I'd have to hit the gym for 4 hours of intense training every day for the next 40 years and eat nothing but plain oatmeal I would I swear to god, I just don't know how to get that perfect body.

so check this out:

the green: no abs... bleh!!! HOW?! I always feel some muscle on top, but below it's just tons of fat.. what are some good lower-ab exercises? And yeah, I know you can't "spot reduce." I just feel flab there, no muscle, atleast on the top I can feel muscle under the fat layer.

the blue: nothing is cut! the shoulders, biceps, triceps... my arm looks like a log, and yeah THAT'S FLEXING. guys I wouldn't be asking this if I felt I needed to train more, I've been training for a year (reference my other thread if you'd like) I just don't grow, it's getting frustrating. I'm in the gym 4x a week and nothing is happening. I eat so much I just get fat, and no muscle... I don't understand it. I use heavy weights and I fail on the 5th rep, I use lighter ones and fail at 12 but don;'t feel any growth....

Ok now the back;

First off, the green. I'm afraid I'm getting this big ball in the back of my mid-back. when I stand to the side in a mirror I look like a blob, not ripped and skinny in the middle big on top how it should be. that spot is EXACTLY where I feel the burn when I do squats, so as was my previous concern at the begging of this thread.. I'm afraid my shitty form is causing all these weird muscles to grow and look like shit.

The red is an area I feel I have NO MUSCLE. I look like a pencil-neck. my upper back isn't wide or anything and it just looks bony and weak. I don't know what exercises to do to buff this part up, I think it would balance out "the blob"

any ideas?

I don't want a "powerlifter" mid-back. I see this guy squatting like 500 at our gym and he looks like a freaking blob mountain of flesh... gah please help me not turn out like that...

Darkvision 04-30-2008 05:41 PM

the end result I want, and am willing to put in the time and effort for, but don't know how yet?

Ever hear of Criss Angel? his body is freaking perfect!

So let's take a look at my chest...

When I bench and do dumbell flyes, I feel it in the red, not the green!

Aren't I supposed to feel it pushing and burning in the green in order to build up a big chest like the above pictures? I want it big in the green, I'm scared I'm only stimulating the upper part of my chest, I've seen guys like that walking around in my gym, they don't look cool with a big chest, they look like they have a deformed chest because of too much upper-chest work... I just don't know how to work the "main" or "lower" chest..

Ok now for the weird "hole" ;

see the red, is there supposed to be muscle there? it looks weird... like not round at all how I want. it's as if my arm is disconnected from my body.

the green, my arms looks like a skinny smushed tube. it's not buff or round at all. I have long arms so it;s hard :[ any ideas here? I mean is 4x12 the way to go or 4x8? what? gahhh I really want big defined arms..

and look at those wrists, too skinny. Anything I can do about that?


so that's it. thank you for viewing. I'm really frustrated at this point as I've been patient for a year with little progress.

Each night before I go to sleep I take a whey protien shake. I wake up and have big breakfast with 3-4 eggs. I drink a protein scoop before and after I workout... I'm just stumped here guys. HOW CAN I GROW?! at first I thought it was time, I've been at it for a year and a half and still nothing so obviously I'm doing something wrong... I'm going to update the old thread referenced above with my 'newer' routine where I split 2 muscle groups a workout now. 4 workouts a week. I think I was overtraining before (squats + bench + abs + biceps + triceps on same day.. wtf?)

_Wolf_ 04-30-2008 05:42 PM

you ready to start some heroin?:D

Darkvision 04-30-2008 05:48 PM

Original Thread:

_Wolf_ 04-30-2008 05:53 PM

oh shit i didn't realize you were the same person as the OP...


ok seriously: keep your diet in check and try to progress on your lifts. were you given a program in that thread? if so, follow it.

have protein, do cardio, eat carbs, get in your fats, veggies and minerals & vitamins.

good luck

Pitysister 04-30-2008 05:54 PM the original thread....oops. :)

Darkvision 04-30-2008 05:55 PM

I have man =[

I will again though.

_Wolf_ 04-30-2008 06:32 PM


Originally Posted by Darkvision (Post 55644)
I have man =[

I will again though.

have more food. stuff yourself. train less frequently perhaps. if you are really doing 100% of what you claim to be doing, then you can afford to mix things up because its obviously not working for you.

Darkvision 04-30-2008 08:39 PM

I think eat more is bad advice because clearly what I've been eating is adding on fat... it's what I've been eating.. eat less of simple carbs maybe? More cardio on off days? God I feel like I'm at square one again after 1.5 years. How frustrating.

_Wolf_ 04-30-2008 08:48 PM

maybe. or perhaps your program is a bit off. can you summarize that thread you posted?

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