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superso 10-06-2007 10:01 AM

Why Do I have too much Energy???
When I used to workout, I just took a protein shake or two but no other supplements and that was it. I also used to work out 4 or 5 days a week and was sooo tired and irritated. I hated working out and I saw very little results.

Now, I'm working out and I only work out for about an hour and maybe 10 minutes (tops) 4 days per week. I use proper form and go hard on each set. I used to do HST training and had good results but 3 days per week just seemed too little and I thought I ought to change the routine anyhow, at least for a little while. So now im on a 2 day split. I do upper body 2 of those days and lower body the other 2 days. I limit myself to around 15 sets of exercises on each of those days. The problem is that when I'm done with a workout, I really want to keep going and have alot of energy left! I KNOW I could knock out another bench press or squat. However, I keep reading from so many different sources that the worst mistake is "overtraining". But I have so much energy and really really want to workout!

I take a protein shake in the morning, multivatamin, BSN creatine (which is amazing) and glutamine, protein shake after workout, lots of meals throughout the day, and a protein shake at night. That's not what I used to do before so i'm assuming proper nutrition, rest and these supplements are really helping me recover very well. However, I want to gain mass faster than I have been and I think that if I workout more, I could do it. What do you think? Is it really taboo or do any of you workout more than this? Would I be making a mistake? Anyone ever have the same problem? thanks!

EricT 10-07-2007 10:40 AM

I'd say the biggest mistake people make is having no progressive overload. If you are progressing then that is number one.

Wiping yourself out and trying to incur a great amount of fatigue after each workout is only the province of the ignorant. Having energy after a workout does not mean you haven't done enough. On the other hand being tired after a workout doesn't mean you "overtrained". It is impossible to overtrain after one workout or even a week of workouts.

You probably shouldn't add any more workout days to your week but you probably could add more to each workout. But I'm confused because you say you do 15 total sets per workout? But it takes you an hour or an hour and ten to do it? It sounds inneficient. Either you're doing three exercises or so and taking too much time or you're doing a bunch of bodypart stuff meaning you spend most of you time going from one exercise to another only to use light weights and stuff that doesn't give much of a training effect.

The best thing you can do is write out your routine. Not just the exercises but the average reps and sets. Give your thoughts about it. Your progress if any. The more detail you can give the better. Until then we are speaking in generalities and I am making wild ass guesses :)

Training is not really a general thing. It is specific to each person and what they are doing plus what they need. General little rules about overtraining and all that other happy horseshit won't really help you develop an effective training routine. You gotta get into the nuts an bolts of it.

Andrew87 10-09-2007 06:52 AM

I dont now but im on my 3rd week of my athletic training and such and my energy has never been better. I lift with a friend for around 2 hours i do 30-45min of cardio and im never tired till im ready for bed. Im not complaining though i like it lol. Next week is back to 5x5 for 3 weeks should be fun :P probablymore fun then high reps anyways i hate it.

superso 10-09-2007 09:42 AM

Hey Eric, thanks for the reply. I think the reason i'm only doing 15 sets in that amount of time is b/c im working out at home and have to change weights and then screw them back up again but yeah, ill be more conscious of that next time. My workout right now is the following (the number at the beginning refers to how many sets and I aim to do about 6-8 reps per set. When I go over that amount, I increase the weight):

2 Barbell Bench press
1 Inc Barbell Bench press
1 Dumbbell Bench press

2 Military Press with Barbell
2 Upright Rows

2 Seated Shrugs with Barbell

2 Close grip bench press
1 Lying Overhead raise

2 Hack squat
2 Split squat
1 Glute curl
1 Hip Abduction

2 Calf raise

2 Standing dumbbell curl
1 Hammer raise

3 Pullups
2 Barbell rows on bench

Before this, I was doing HST and pretty much following the standard workout. I have made gains but I seem to hover around 160 even while making lots of strength gains.

EricT 10-09-2007 12:02 PM


I think the reason i'm only doing 15 sets in that amount of time is b/c im working out at home and have to change weights and then screw them back up again but yeah, ill be more conscious of that next time.
I know what you're saying. I work out at home too. Given that I do a bunch more than you being that I add a whole lot of supportive stuff and stretching, etc. and they are about the same lenght as yours. You could definitely organize it so that you are getting more work done in that amount of time. That being said I don't have any big problems with what you are doing although I could suggets some improvements that will allow you to lift heavier PLUS lift for some more pure size.

I take it you have a bench, barbell and dumbell. No squat rack I presume. If I'm wrong please tell me what you do have.

One obvious thing is you need to do deadlifts. That will be the number on most effective thing you can do, given the setup I suppose you have, and will put the most size and strength on you. Plus you won't have to wonder why you have so much surplus energy (as if that's a bad thing :biglaugh:).

The next thing is take the "bodypart" mentality out of it. I'm not saying there is a problem really with your exercise selection only that thinking of it in terms of bodyparts is actually causing you to get less out of each movement than you could.

For instance you have "chest and shoulders". BUT in reality you have two very effective LIFTS that are piled up together when you could get more out of them doing them separately. That doesn't mean you have to do bench press and overhead press always on different days but that instead of thinking about improving you chest and shoulders think instead about improving your bench press and OH press.

You say you are getting stronger so that is good. Lots of stength gain is neural in nature so it is quite normal to get strength without size at first. But that doesn't mean you can get more strength and size than what you are doing.

Now, you said you are doing upper and lower days but really you are doing fullbody on mon and thurs.


My workout right now is the following (the number at the beginning refers to how many sets and I aim to do about 6-8 reps per set. When I go over that amount, I increase the weight):
I like that. Except you may be better served to take out the extra bench movements and just do two pressing movements. Make the fist main one your emphasis. That's the one where you try to go as heavy as possible. You can stick to that 6 to 8 rep scheme if that is working well for you but don't "save up" for the next movement. Instead for the secondary movement pick higher rep ranges. And make loading the bar on the first movement be more important while giving yourself wider rep ranges to play with on the second movement before loading. So, in other words, you might have that 6 to 8 range on the first but on the second maybe 8 to 12.

More later.

_Wolf_ 10-09-2007 12:21 PM

nice posts Eric. OP: listen to eric. i used to think like u in terms of bodyparts. its important for u to move out of that mentality and look at workouts as lifts not as bodyparts.

UmmmPain 10-13-2007 12:04 AM

Put heavier weights?

EricT 10-13-2007 09:20 AM

If he's aiming for 6 to 8 reps per set and if he goes over that he loads then what would "heavier weights" do except to decrease the reps before he wants to? It certainly won't make him have less energy necessarily. That would have to do more with the total workload and/or the complexity and neural drain that comes with it.

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