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hijaz12 03-27-2012 11:47 PM

will volleyball stop my body building?
guys my coach and people at the gym tell me not to sports becoz it will prevent me from building my bbody is it true? i play volleyball everyday pls help...and also i dont use any supplements

FitnessFreek 03-28-2012 03:09 PM

Sports is just like you avoid cardio? I'm pretty sure I answered your question...

jonni225 03-28-2012 10:05 PM

You can still put on muscle doing sports on the side, I did. It's best though to do them on different days, for example do volleyball mon, wed, fri and sun and hit the gym on the other days

Bluecore 03-29-2012 03:19 PM

If you're that worried about it then just eat more food.

iron_worker 03-30-2012 07:47 AM

It's true to some extent ... cardio and weight training are somewhat opposing ideas. However, I don't think volley ball is too bad since there is little running around and mostly involves jumping (using explosive power of large muscle groups).

If you like to play volley ball then keep playing. If you like to body build then keep doing that. However, you may have to accept that your results at both will not be ideal when doing them concurrently.


hijaz12 03-31-2012 08:49 PM

thanks guyz.....i play volleyball from 4 to 6 pm and do gym from 7 to 9 pm on the same day is it okay......

irondog19 05-04-2012 03:20 PM

There's some sports that one would have to give up if they were really passionate about bodybuilding, especially at a competitive level. I gave up track (definite no no) and soccer. Just too much running involved. I have a hard enough time keeping/gaining, so I made my choice. Now, don't get me wrong, I'll go out every once in awhile with some friends and play some pick up, but I know that it's only for a quick "cardio" sesh.
If you still want to play vball, it's not that bad. IW is right, a lot of explosive movements. Just take into consideration the general amount of calories you would average burn and make sure you work them into your program!

Keep active, have fun, and do what you love dude, at the end of the day, that's all that matters.

build 05-06-2012 11:41 PM

During my training I try to reinforce what would normally go against my nature, like jumping, jumping into a squat, switch lunge jumping, or up and downs. Whatever it is I try to reinforce different patterns. !

Kevsworld 05-07-2012 01:15 AM

I don't think you need to be training for 2+ hours in the gym. Find a sensible plan--train with weights for an hour (max); three to four times a week.

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