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WonderMonkey 08-30-2005 07:29 AM

Youth Routine - Intro to weightlifting
After football season is over I am going to introduce my son to weightlifting. He is in 7th grade now and undergoing "the change" so I know that results will come quickly for him.

I am going to start him out with the very basic and build upon them as time goes on. I welcome your thoughts on this subject.

We will work out three days a week. Each workout needs to be about an hour as we will be doing them before school in the morning.

Intro Plan 1
Monday - Lower Body
* Squats
* Deadlifts
* Calf Work
* Abs

Wed - Chest/Back
* Flat Bench
* Chins
* Straight Bar Rows
* ??

Friday - Tris/Bis/Shoulders
* Clean and Press
* Rear Laterals
* Dips
* Skull Crushers
* Straight Bar Curls
* Hammer Curls

Remember at first I want to introduce him to the basics of strength. Let me know what you think I am missing and why you feel that way.

WonderMonkey 08-30-2005 07:33 AM

Involved in this is teaching him the proper nutrition to support his efforts. That will be a seperate thread.

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