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They really dont serve oposite purposes Cradler, in fact they work very well together. Flax seed oil is an EFA rich fat (omega-3 to be exact). What supplimenting with omega-3 will do is balance the omega-3 to omega-6 ratio in cells, causing activation at the PPARalpha and Gama receptor sites, and causing fat breakdown.

this alone may not be enough, as fat cells that are released to be used as energy, may be easily redeposited if not used. Thats where your fat burner comes in. With both fat oxidation happening, and an increase in metabolic rate, you can burn off those freed up fat cells more easily.

Personally I think fish oil is a better choice, but thats just personal opinion. On the same note, I think cytolean is not the best fat burner out. But if its working for you, stick with it.
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