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Angry creatine monohydrate problem

Hey everyone,

I just got some GNC brand creatine monohydrate. I havent done any research as to which brand is better because I was in a hurry to leave the city, so don't get too hard on that hehe.
anyway, i used to use cell tech creatine, but while i was at GNC i found out that creatine monohydrate (5gr/serv.) had no carbs so i got that. Now my problem is, it doesnt DISSOLVE in WATER or DIET ICE TEA!...That's all i drink and package instructions say "mix one teaspoon with water or juice...". Whenever i do that, it kinda mixes wit wit the water but in a matter of seconds (less that 2) u can see the creatine on the bottom of the cup like it's just sand. i was wondering if i was doin smth wrong, cuz i cant drink it like that, it just all stays at the bottom..

HELP! thnx in advance
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