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Default Anavar / Creatine cycle

Just started this friday, thought id log it an put it out there for others, this is all im taking, no test. Im taking milk thistle and cranberry extract throughout. I will be taking the anavar for several weeks, creatine will be done in 2 parts, i will have a week off half way through (creatine does not seem to do much for me after 3-4 straight weeks) and am using loading phases (20g loading days, 10-12g otherwise). Im starting the anavar at 50mg as it's first time using, will up dosage as and when. I have done a few cycles of superdrol previously.

Goals - training for a strongman contest, looking for strength and endurance gains for the most part, fat loss and muscle gain as well.

Starting stats..

Height = 6 foot 2
Weight = 233lb
neck = 17 1/4"
shoulders = 55"
chest = 49"
waist = 34 3/8"
thigh = 26 1/4"
calf = 16 1/4"

Fridays training..

May 7th 2010

arm over arm upto 266kg on tyre 3 x 5m then 81kg x 25m (this was too light)
farmer walk upto 132kg each hand x 10m, 15m, 107kg x 25m then held for time
axle continental clean and jerk upto 95kg 3 x 2
rope pull throughs 60kg x 12
axle shrugs thumbless 95kg x 12
52kg farmer shrugs x many
alternate dumbbell hammer curls 3 drop set 24kg, 18kg, 9kg
alternate dumbbell curls 3 drop set 20kg, 14kg, 6kg
reverse curl 20kg, plate wrist curl 20kg, 30kg blob hard way for time x 3 laps

treadmill 5 minutes 6.0mph
500m row 1 minute rest x 2 1:44, 2:03

May 9th 2010

Ive lost nearly all of my appetite (not at all normal for me).
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