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May 14th 2010

didnt have much of any choice but to do anther session with no events or cardio - will have to do a good bit of both next week

seated overhead reverse grip bar,40kg,50kg x 10, 60kg x 4 (heh), 50kg x 9
incline reverse grip 40kg 3 x reps (lift off hard on own but weak as hell on this)
bench press reverse grip 60kg x 6, 80kg x 10,10,9
z lockouts (from forehead) 60kg x 6
close grip bench 60,80kg x 8
10kg dumbbell laterals x 10 superset with cable cross over x 10 for 3 sets
machine curl straight bar x 8-12 superset with reverse grip/regular push downs x 6/6 for 2 sets
standing calf raises 2 sets 12 reps, seated 2 sets 12 reps
reverse grip thumb over barbell curls 30kg x 12, plate wrist curl 20kg x 15

trying out the reverse grip, ive read it's helped some peoples regular grip pressing a lot - pretty hard on the wrists, hard to say because of change in grip i think im either stronger or just better endurance from the creatine (always been a very weak presser)

p.s pic from today, 1 week in
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