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dont think i got enough carbs in me before this session, first time i can think of having hunger pains since being on var, was starving towards the end of the sesh

decline crunches
- bodyweight, 10kg, 15kg behind neck x 12
dumbbell side bends upto 75kg x 6/6

front squat olympic grip upto 102kg x 13-14, 122kg x 7
karlsen squat upto 160kg x 8
seated squat machine upto 300kg x 6
lying leg curls upto 11 plates x 10, drop 6 plates x 6

crucifix hold upto 20kg dumbbells x 5 seconds (heh), 17.5kg x 10 seconds, 15kg x 30 seconds / raises 10kg x 10
dumbbell laterals 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg x 10 (some assistence on the last few)

barbell rows reverse grip
- 62kg x 15, 102kg x 5 (heh), drop 62kg x 7
one arm dumbbell rows upto 75kg x 8/7
dumbbell shrugs upto 80kg x 12

felt strongish on everything expect pressing today, but that will be because of the tricep
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