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Originally Posted by Pirate View Post
Since this is so old I doubt anyone will respond, but what's wrong with just taking dbol? I don't use steroids, but 3 or 4 of my buddies take dbol for 6 week cycles and make big im just curious why its so bad
why...cause orals are really meant to jumpstart a cycle ,not TO they're 17aa so by doing more over shorter lengths the risk of damage to the liver's higher.2nd is whatever "gains" that are made aren't going to be kept by any means.only reason they may always looked pumped is cause they may never come off of them.a big no no.test should be the base of any real cycle,dbol in the front or towards the end as an up on how dbol affects the body over long term use and you'll see why.i've been involved in aas of all sorts for a good number of years.i remember when parabolan was as easy to get as test back then and everything was HG.i've yet,in nearly 20yrs,to see someone keep more than 30% of their so called gains from just dbol or anadrol alone.hard enough keeping them with test never mind just orals.your friends need to do more research before delving deeper into a grown-ups realm,not a game when you're dealing with this.
far too many people think of aas,oral and inj as a magic elixer for muscle growth.they take some gear,get a pump and think it's over from old are they,what're their experiences,time training,dieting,how well are they versed in the various training methodologies available/all these factors come into play.
so...just taking dbol for some quick growth that's not even gonna be kept...sounds kind of high schoolish to me.not flaming you or saying your friends don't know what they're doing but imho they don't know what they're doing...just my 2cents.
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