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Sounds like you have the proper motivation and goals, however your tactics may be a bit off especially surrounding your diet. 1500 calories is a huge deficit and maybe a little too much. If your goal is to lose body fat and gain muscle, it's going to be a slow, but steady process.
For your current weight and height, your calorie intake should be higher than that to create a caloric deficit. I'm 5'11 and roughly 175-180 in the offseason. When I want to cut down for a comp or shoot, I'm still at the very minimum taking in 1900 calories. You want to make sure you're losing fat, but at the same time not wasting too much muscle. When you lose super fast, you have a higher chance of digging into your hard earned muscle. Slow and steady man. Get your diet in check and figure out your base maintenance caloric intake and adjust accordingly from there!

Keep going at it and read as much as you can on proper dieting and cutting/building lean mass! Knowledge will help you out so much!
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