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Tuesday January 6th, 2014

BW: 197.6lb

Regular Stance Squats
bar x 10
135lb x 8
165lb x 5

185lb x 6
205lb x 6
225lb x 6
205lb x 6

Walking Lunges
bw - 3x10 (each leg)

Cable Crunches
72.5lb - 3x15,14,12

Calf Raises
1 plate x 12
1 + 45s x 12
2 plates x 12


I was still battling some crazy soreness from saturday's squats... since I hadn't squatted in a month before that (weak sauce). Decided to try and work through the soreness today to try and keep the first week on schedule... we'll see in the next couple days if that was a mistake or not. My legs are dooonnneeeeeeee.

One bonus though is that if you stick to the 2 minute rest for power lifts and 1 min rest for hypertrophy/accessory lifts then the lower day is pretty short (about 45min).

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