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Default training log - eatandsquat


Just wanted to post my workouts somewhere so I can keep track of them, and I figured this would be the best place.

So for today I did the following:

Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Current weight: 157lbs

30 minute run on treadmill
8x3 10lb bent over barbell rows
8x3 10lbs shoulder overhead press
8x3 20lb triceps pushdown
8x3 bench dips
10x3 10lb dumbbell alt bicep curls
10x3 10lb pushup rows
10x3 10lb triceps kickbacks
10 minute walk on treadmill (cool down)

I haven't ventured out on supplements, so far. Always worked out without the help of them, but I'm doing my research. Please feel free to suggest what you think works best!

Thanks all!
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