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xXPurceLLXx 02-16-2010 03:24 PM

A Few ? for you guys.
New to these forums but not a weightlifting newbie. been lifting serious for about lil over 2 years been taking my supplements i want to step it up a notch now. Theres only so much animal pak supp. a guy can take and done with GNC (got no clue). I know anabolics enough just couldnt tell you what cycle is right for me, also cant find them legitly on the internet. waisted alot of money and time recently. Trying not to get flamed here but im looking for a lil help looking for a good cycle to start me on my way, i understand people dont think a 25 year old needs them at the same time its not you're body dont worry about it just looking for alil help point me in the right way.. guys in the gym told me to hop on here and ask around . . . by the by primo labs is the one that got me. i work out 6 days a week last 2 years just looking for that little extra now. any help would be awesome guys, i see you guys know you're shit. pm if you know anything could help guys thanks agian, and be gentle lol.

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