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Advice on steroids 40 points

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Old 11-09-2005, 02:26 PM
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Default Advice on steroids 40 points

1. Have shower! Try to use an anti-bacterial soap if you can this will kill of any bacteria on the skin which will prevent them getting in though you injection and if you get acne during your cycle it may help.
2. Check you have all of you injection materials at hand. Build yourself a kit with all you will need in it. Detox does a good anti bacterial soap for under a pound.
3. Soak oil based steroid ampoules (or the base of bottles) in hot water (not boiling) for a few minuets prior to injection this will thin out the oils making them easier to pass down the needle and to spread out in the muscle.
4. Remove any excess garments before injecting as they may fall on your injection area during injections.
5. The best pins to use are either greens (21 gauge) or blues (23gauge) and should be either 1 inch or one and a half inches long, I would recommend that you use a needle only once. Orange (25guage) thinner needles can be used for water or alcohol based steroids.
6. The syringe should be large enough to accommodate the entire steroid the best to get are probably 3-5cc/ml.
7. The injection site should be properly disinfected before injection using a steret or if that is not available an alcohol based disinfectant like surgical spirit to kill of any surface bacteria. Anti bacterial wipes can also be used.
8. It may be best to wipe down the top of the ampoules with the steret as well, so that no bacteria can get into the needle when you draw up the steroid. Also never touch the needle with you hands.
9. Choose a site that you are happy with. Personally I think the ass is the best place. If you stand up and clench you buttocks and you will be able to feel at the top forward point of the glute there is a bulge in which the muscle sticks out a little more that the rest of the buttock. I found this to be the best site for oil-based steroids.
10. If you sleep on you side you may find it better to inject into the buttock of the side you do not sleep on so you may have more ease sleeping.
11. Draw the oils up the needle slowly to prevent lots of air bubbles forming.
12. Place the cap on the needle and place the syringe in an upright position to allow the small bubbles to rise to the top some flicking of the syringe may help dislodge and stubborn bubbles stuck to the side of the chamber.
13. After a few moments all of the bubbles will have reached to top when this has happened you need to squeeze the air slowly out of the chamber and allow a little of the oil to run down the pin. This will ensure that there are not any little bubbles remaining at the top of the chamber and the oil, which runs down the needle, will act like a lubricant when the needle penetrates the skin.
14. While holding the syringe in one hand find the injection site with the other, pull the skin slightly apart to allow ease of injection. When the site is found the needle should be sharply thrust into the skin a little way and then the whole of the needle should be slowly inserted into the muscle.
15. Note when inserting, retracting or injecting the needle should not be allowed to wiggle inside the muscle as this may scratch up the inside and cause irritation, the needle should only move in and out with no deviation at all.
16. When the needle is in place you should retract the plunger a little. If blood appears you have entered a vein and you should retract the whole needle and find a new site, as injecting straight into a vein will give you a good chance of having a stroke or heart attack if the pure oil enters the brain or heart.
17. If you see an air bubble form at the top of the needle when you pull the plunger back, there is air in the needle and it is best to retract, expel the air and re-inject.
18. Once the needle in embedded in the muscle pressure should be gently applied to the end of the syringe to slowly and evenly deliver the entire steroid. If not enough pressure is applied it will take too long and you may have to stop pushing because you hand get too tired and if you push it in too fast a pocket of oil may form which can be uncomfortable.
19. Withdraw the needle slowly, immediately after the needle has left the skin massage vigorously. Do this for some time, as it will help distribute the steroid evenly over the muscle as well as stopping blood loss threw the injection site.
20. Dispose of your injection equipment with responsibility. Don't just chuck it in the local bin in the street as any small kids could hurt themselves on it. It is best if you get a pair of pliers and you bend down the end of the needle so that it canít hurt any one. Needle exchanges can be used for disposal and will be happy to supply you disposal equipment etc.
21. Never share a needle with any one!
22. Always use strict hygiene in every injection, if one day you forget or cant be bothered you may end up with a two-inch abscess in your ass, which will eat and destroy your muscle and you may have to take three months or more to recover.
23. Only use steroids from some one you trust if you are in doubt of what's in the bottle DO NOT USE IT!
24. When cracking off the tops of ampoules use a towel or dry flannel as some times when it breaks the glass shatters and you don't want hands cut to ribbons or you can use a file to lightly score it first.
25. When using steroids that come out of bottles rather than amps. Use one needle to draw out of the bottle with and one to inject with. Also when drawing out of a bottle, say you want to draw out two ml. into the chamber then it is best to fill the syringe with 2cc's of air. Then insert it into the bottle and push the air in this will give a certain amount of pressure in the bottle and will make it easier to draw up the oil.
26. Always have all the steroids and other drugs for your cycle before you start as you may think you local source is reliable and if a bus hits him while you are 5 weeks in you could be in trouble.
27. If you are doing a cycle you have never done before or are new to steroid use always have a good supply of anti estrogens to hand as you don't want to get gynomastoma. Clomid or nolvadex are probably the best.
28. If you get problems with Roid-rage (although rare) consider the effects you will have on you loved ones. Is getting massive more important that you wife and family?
29. Steroids only have their best effect with proper training, diet and rest, ask you self " do I have all these?" If the answer is no you better sort them out before wasting you time and money on steroids.
30. People who are still growing should never contemplate steroid use. As it may stunt their growth and deform their bones.
31. Women should be very wary using any testosterone-based steroids, as the side effects are dramatic and permanent. Do you want to grow a beard as big as mine? ZZ top eat you heart out the women body builders are here!
32. Oral steroids are effective as well as intramuscular injectable versions. Both have their side effects. Tablets require no special equipment for delivery and there is no chance of getting an infection from poor hygiene from them either but they are far more toxic to the liver.
33. Injectable steroids need only be applied once or twice a week while orals have to typically taken throughout the day.
34. Do a lot of research into cycles and the effects and side effects of steroid use and make an educated decision before parting with your cash. The Internet is very useful for this.
35. Typical side effects on men, from testosterone based steroids are: water retention, gynomastoma, acne, oily skin, mood swings, sleeping problems, sexual appetite changes, reduction in the size of the testicles and reduction in the amount of fluid you ejaculate.
36. Water or alcohol based steroids can be injected into the delts as well as the usual glutes and quads.
37. If you suffer from high blood pressure don't even think about it!
38. If you are the typical 17 year old wannabe who has been training arms and chest only for the last six weeks and wants to do a course of 1000mg a week sustanon who eats burgers, beer and pizza and wants too look like Flex or Leverone? IT WON'T HAPPEN! You have more chance looking like the Madeline Allbright after you cycle.
39. Being massive is NOT what it's all about. If you are a 200lbs fat f*#k you will be a 240lbs fatter f*#ker after you cycle. Learn to control you calories. Its better to be smaller and leaner and look better than to be a lard ass.
40. Phew! Last one. What ever you do, do it properly be it natural or chemically assisted know what you are doing. There are no fast routs to getting lean or massive it takes time and dedication. If you arenít in it for the whole slog ... don't bother go and hire a video and call out for a pizza.
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38. If you are the typical 17 year old wannabe who has been training arms and chest only for the last six weeks and wants to do a course of 1000mg a week sustanon who eats burgers, beer and pizza and wants too look like Flex or Leverone? IT WON'T HAPPEN! You have more chance looking like the Madeline Allbright after you cycle.
You have no idea how many people this point seems to apply on all the different boards.

Some really good points in there. Keep posting the good stuff X.

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bump, nice points, thanks for the info.
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