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Do all steroids shut down your natural testosterone?

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Old 04-27-2007, 08:29 AM
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Default Do all steroids shut down your natural testosterone?

I did a cycle several months ago on anadrol, omanadren and equipose (3 month cycle). After even taking PCT, it still took me awhile to get my sex drive back to normal (about 3 months)

I have some DBol now that I will be taking with some clen. I want to stack it with something, but don't want nothing that will shut down my natural testosterone level. Is there anything out there that fits my needs?

Thanks in advance.
Old 04-27-2007, 08:52 AM
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Not all steroids shut you down the same, some are more harsh then others but the best practice is always to assume that you are completely shut down after a cycle, and run a full pct.

Dbol will shut you down by itself, so dont worry about stacking with something that wont. I would advise against a dbol only cycle, you wont see much benifit from it. IMO dbol with clen is not a great idea either, do one, then the other. No use in being bloated and moon faced while your trying to cut.

If you want to use something that doesnt shut you down so hard, look up Havoc by RPN nutrition. It is a legal prosteroid, and it should do what your looking for. Read up on it before you purchase anything, and even though it isnt that harsh of a shutdown, remember to do a full pct.
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yeah bro, Dbol and Clen make no sense.

As far as your previous 12wk cycle and sex drive after your PCT....
I would say your PCT wasnt up to par.

Steroids that wont cause a shutdown or little shutdown.....
Off the top of my head......
Anavar, Winny, Masteron, and proviron.
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