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hgh questions

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Old 11-16-2008, 10:17 AM
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Default hgh questions

I am thinking about taking thanktropin (red tops)....i was gonna do 2 iu's a day.....and go for five days on---2 days off.......I was told that by a close friend ...is that dosage sufficient?..I was told 2 iu's a day would be ok if i wasnt looking for massive size..just a little, and to get leaner,and of course help my sport performance..I am an athlete, so im not doing this for shits and giggles .I have been doing a lot of research on this and talking to close friends...and i get mixed feelings when you should inject the hgh....in the morning or at night.....I think you would do it in the morning if your young(20-30)...but if your an older male(30-60) than do it at night so you can spike your pituitary glands....any suggestions? I also heard that it could spike gyno?...is that true?...and if so what do you do about?...can you continue the hgh?....I also heard you can get a little numbness in the hands, is that ok ..is it normal?....I really just want answers and advice...I hope someone can guide me and give me some answers without knocking me.
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