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TheTrueYou 02-09-2010 05:56 PM

Light cycle--results?
Hey all. Here's a bit of history:

I used before and took way too much gear not knowing what I was doing.

Certain rough events happened in my life and I stopped training and dieting... and lost 25lbs of lean mass.

Never was too big, only about 215lbs at 6'1''. Now I'm around 194lbs.

I know now that eating makes you grow, not juicing. I am going to start a light cycle and gain my mass back slowly.

My idea is 50mgs test P a day with 6 weeks of a mere 25mgs dianabol.

I haven't used in a long time and used a great PCT, so my receptors should be clear. Anyone have any guesses to what results this would yield?

dev747 04-16-2011 04:50 AM

Hey Man any prob with gyno?

dev747 04-16-2011 04:51 AM

If you running 50 mg of test p per day thats 350mg which isnt too bad. Would rather used maybe test c longer ester than test p.

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