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Pituitary 04-14-2008 02:21 AM

LR3 IGF-1 Extra Acetic Acid or Benzyl Alchohol
(1) I am acquiring 1mg of IGF-1 LR3 for research and comes premixed with either 1ml Acetic Acid (AA) or Benzyl Alcohol (BA). (This is the full 1mg mixed in 1ml). The company says that it is better mixed with BA. Though from reading several posts Acedic Acid seems to pop up everywhere. Any views on this.

(2) Is it possible to add more Benyl Alcohol or Acetic Acid (depending on what it comes in) to make measuring the stuff easier or will this ruin it. I have seen places where you get 2ml of AA for reconstruction.

(3) It would be alot easier in my eyes to add a further 9ml and then you have 100mcg per ml so I could then use a standard 1ml syringe, which would enable me also to use a longer needle. But after reading several posts I have not seen anywhere that suggests this. Would doing that ruin it then?

(4) I also have Bacteriostatic Water, which I will put in the syringe only to reduce the burn. Maybe put some BW in first, then the IGF-1and then some more BW.

Thanks in advance :)

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