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Pituitary 02-12-2008 05:09 AM

Mixing HCG. Please help me.
About to start a bulking cycle as follows :-
DRUGS USED : Deca @250mg/ml, Sustanon @250mg/ml, Aromasin @ 25mg/ml, Nolvadex @ 25mg/ml, HCG 1 x 5000iu, Albuterol @ 4mg/ml
DAY 1 : Frontload - 2ml SUS, 1.5ml DECA
Then 2 days later:-

Weeks 1 - 10 - DECA @ 0.5ml E4Ds = 218mg EW
Weeks 1 - 12 - SUS @ 0.5ml EOD = 437mg EW, Aromasin @ 0.4ml ED -> 7.5mg ED
Weeks 13 - 15 - Prepare Balls for PCT
HCG @ 500iu EOD for 10 shots (I am gyno sensitive so want to use minimum for first time)
Up Aromasin to 25mg ED
Nolvadex 20mg ED
MDIEN 6 x 4mg ED
Weeks 16 - 19 (4 Weeks)
Continue Aromasin @ 25mg ED
Up Nolvadex to 50mg ED (First 2 weeks then down to 25mg ED thereafter)
Albuterol @ 4mg ED

Weeks 20 - 21 (Further 2 weeks)
Nolvadex 25mg ED
I would really appreciate anyones help regarding mixing & administering the HCG as I have never used it before. I have researched as much as possible
but wanted to check that I am getting it spot on. Firstly I will be injecting it IM. I do not want to preload any syringes to store in the fridge as my dad
might find them :o so would rather transfer to a vial to put in fridge.

Q1. Am I correct in thinking that the 1ml solvent that comes with the HCG only lasts for a few days onced mixed so I could bin it and buy some Bacteriostatic
Water instead which would then last about 1 month. Also these come in 30ml so how long will this water last; thinking of using for future cycles.

Q2. Is this correct:-
1. Will use a 1ml Syringe with 21G (Green) needle for drawing
2. Break open the 5000iu HCG amp with the powder.
3. Use Syringe/Needle to withdraw 1ml from BW vial
4. Slowly Inj the BW down side of HCG amp with powder in
5. Withdraw the newly mixed HCG into same syringe
6. Inject it into brand new sealed 10ml Vial
7. Withdraw another 1ml of BW & inject into sealed vial. Repeat 3 times so put in 4ml
8. Sealed vial now contains a total of 5ml BW giving 1000iu per ml
9. Shake vial??? Read this but also read that you have to be careful when constructing
10. Withdraw 0.5ml (500iu) from vial then switch needle to 25G (Orange) and inject IM

Q3. Are you meant to inject straight from the fridge cold or wait a bit to heat up a liitle bit

Q4. Is the Nolvadex necessary to take along with the HCG or is the Aromasin enough?

I understand that you usually use a slin pin and inject Sub Q but would rather use this method if it is correct. Also appreciate any comments/views on cycle, PCT

Dr X 02-22-2008 01:40 PM

Just inject the bac water into the hcg amp. You don't have to take it back out. Just draw from that. Now I prefer slin pins myself. If you use a slin with 1cc of bac then each 10 tick is 500iu. Or you could put in 2cc of bac and then 20 ticks would be 500iu. If you use a regular syringe it's very hard to acuratly measure the hcg.

Do not use the adex during pct. You need it for the cycle only. 25mg ed is perfect.

Now, without messing your mind all up, I prefer to use the hcg while on cycle. starting week 3 inject 250iu every 5th day.

Pituitary 02-23-2008 12:55 AM

Thanks. That sounds like a good plan to inject 250iu every 10 days starting week 3. Im getting the HCG in 1500iu amps now instead of 5000iu so I could buy 3 x 1500iu amps, mix each one with 1ml BW and using a slin pin and measure just over 1.6 would equal 250iu. Correct?

Also should I use Tamaxifen along side the HCG to prevent gyno, since I am gyno sensitive or will I be ok with a low dose of 250iu at any time? And if so how much?

With respect to using the AI during PCT, I noticed that when I did this last time my joints were killing me. Is this the reason that you don't need an AI during PCT so that you do not drive estrogen too low?

Many thanks I appreciate your help :)

Pituitary 02-25-2008 04:02 AM


Originally Posted by Pituitary (Post 49208)
Thanks. That sounds like a good plan to inject 250iu every 10 days starting week

I meant every 5 days, sorry.

Dr X 02-25-2008 12:36 PM

Yes, that is why you don't use an AI during pct. Or at least one of the reasons. don't use Nolva during cycle unless you get signs of gyno. Otherwise just hold it until pct.

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