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Need Some Help

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Old 11-20-2006, 08:24 AM
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Default Need Some Help

I have been working out for 16 plus years. The last few I could not work out as hard and my recovery sucked! Recently I was diagnosed with low hgh and testosterone. They were not gone but low for my age(32). The Doc prescribed hgh and a butt load of supplements. Multi,C,Calcium,CLA,EPA-DHA(omega acids),Chromium,SAM E, and some other mixes to clean up my liver and detox. I have always eaten well but changed my diet to high protein,no presevatives, no high fructose corn syrup, Lots of dark leafy veggies, dark berries, no dairy or grain except a few(short grain brown rice,stone cut oats an millet) So for 2 months I had pretty good results. I am starting to get back to where I was but I am still lacking. My Doc just prescribed Testosterone cream and I have noticed little difference in the gym alot in the bedroom. Since I have always been natural I am finding it hard to find people to talk to about hgh and test. I have read so much stuff I am to the point where I am confused. I am 5'10" 235 20% body fat. Last time I maxed out was 8 months ago 375bench 635hack squat. I would really like to utilize my supplements to there highest potential. I would like to bulk up a little but mainly get leaner and stronger. When is the best time to work out for cardio, or free weights?When is the best time for my injections, test cream? I have read alot on this site and I am trying to eat before and after workouts. Is this what I need to do? I know everyone is different and I will have to experiment. I hope this is enough info and someone can help. I would greatly appreciate it.
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Old 12-20-2006, 11:05 PM
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Thumbs up To answer a few

I am only nineteen but I am a formerly certified personal trainer and I know a few scientific things that will help in the quest for you wanting to get leaner and "bulkier"

In regards to cardio, I don't know what your schedule is but to maximize the results, do it in the morning after you wake up. Within an hour and thirty minutes.

If to say your schedule begins at waking up at 0600 to 0700 in the morning;

Wake up, get ready and do cardio.

Carry out injection. Your blood has been flowing and is not pooled anymore from sleep, so injection time is great!

Apply your test cream a few hours before you workout. 2-3 hours, 2 is best!! The only difference in results from your test cream being applied before you work out as apposed to any other part of the day is slight to medium. But if you want maximum results; want every little bit; do it before your work out.

If it's supposed to boost natural test, or synthetically promote itself (steroid), it would be best to do it before working out because not only is test up during the work out, but elevated still while you go to bed, there you will make the gains while your body heals and repairs! More test? Make gains!! While you sleep? Better gains!

here is the hard part. You want to get lean, make the diet super clean except for one day a week (like saturday or sunday), and have it regimented. 4-5 small but nutritious meals a day. Shake before you go to bed and after you work out. If your work out is in the evening and close to dinner, have dinner as your post work out meal; little bit of shake at the same time, then wake up in the middle of the night and have a pre-made shake waiting for you in the fridge. Down it and hit the rack. Wake up, have water, and hit CARDIO hard. maintain your calorie intake high. That's all I can say and contribute that should help in your journey of advice to help sir!

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Old 12-21-2006, 03:46 PM
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Are you injecting the HGH in your abs? You should be in the a.m. How much are you taking?

Carido and lifting are best done at different times. Example: cardio in the am and lifting in the pm.

Diet is everything, do you keep a log and count your nutrient and caloric intake?

Depending on the ester of the test used if it is a long ester you can take it anytime and it won't matter.
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Old 01-03-2007, 02:50 PM
mekoxavier mekoxavier is offline
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Thanks for the reply. I am injecting in my abs in the a.m. at .6 doses. The doc just upped my dose from .4. I have been doing cardio 30-45min(eliptical,bike,stepper) in the morning and evening. Working out in the afternoon(freewieghts).When I started hgh I did 1 1/2 months of circuit. I have been trying 5x5 for a month now. I am getting bigger and stonger I just do not feel efficient(lifting).Maybe I need to revamp my lifting program. I have been thinking of cutting cardio down like to just walking in the evening. I am getting about 100gms of protein from different sources but my caloric intake sucks(around 1700). Its really hard to eat more I just feel too full. Thank you both for your replies. They are very helpful.
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Old 01-24-2007, 02:37 AM
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First of all Bro, how long have you been on HGH??
It takes over 6 months before you really start to notice anything.

Second of all, the cream isn't really going to accomplish much....you might want to think of ditching it when you are trying to build mass and get some real gear.
After all, you are already on steroids ;)

Testosterone cream is just Testosterone base...there are no esters attached....thats just for injectables.

You need to up your protein.....100g wont cut it if you are trying to gain muscles....drink a couple of more shakes (definitely pre and post workout and before bed). Get some protein bars and have a couple a day - 20 plus grams of protein preserving (thats an extra 115g between the shakes and bars).

Besides that, from what you are saying, I would say that you are over training.

Now if you want to give me 4 to 6 weeks of your time....follow the workout, diet, and supplements.....i could do amazing things for you! ;)
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Old 01-24-2007, 05:50 AM
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Second of all, the cream isn't really going to accomplish much....you might want to think of ditching it when you are trying to build mass and get some real gear.
After all, you are already on steroids ;)
I cant completely agree with that. Transdermal delivery has a great absorbtion rate (obviously not in the realm of injectables). Hell even using trans 4ad the gains are good, and that needs to be converted.

I would say if you feel like the cream isnt doing much talk to your doctor. Why take the risk of having illegal gear, when the chances are high that he will give you a script for it anyway.

I will second pretty much everything else that was said.
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