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odom311 05-03-2011 08:37 PM

tri tren,win,clen
i was wondering how should run this ,trying to see if my friend is rite

10ml of tri tren 200

4 amps of win and 100 15mg pills

clen 100 40mg

30 pills of abomb 50mg

30 clomid pills
10 nova
im looking for stacking advice!!! im trying to cut

ok im 6'2 240lbs 28 years young been lifting for about 7 years
i have my pct too all thats in order!
again just asking for advice how would you run it

odom311 05-05-2011 04:24 AM

thanks for all the input lol.

rocco-x 07-09-2011 03:15 PM

no one responded because this has to be the worst cycle ever written.your friend is wrong if he told you it's a good one.10ml of tren won't do anything,4 amps of winny and 15mg tabs plus 30 drols(both 17aa and will not be good for your liver),10 nolva may be good for a week of gyno flare up...i can go on and on.cutting/diet,diet,diet,diet.none of these,besides the tren if you had enough,will help you build muscle and burn some fat besides clen and a clean diet.i couldn't even think of where to start for a pct've got about enough gear for about 3-4weeks of something.what that is idk but something.just go simple.test,clean diet,cardio and possibly clen if you're having a hard time burning more alot more footwork before you even consider doing ANY cycle before you really mess yourself up with this one.

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