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Kilo 03-12-2005 10:33 AM

What are u running right now?
I'm currently off and have been for a while, whats everyone running right now?

Snachito 03-12-2005 10:43 AM

Right now just waiting for my labs to come back. If everything's okay then a Test Prop/Tren Ace/Winny cycle it is.

Dave876 03-12-2005 11:45 AM

Currently of now as well,but my next one will look just like Snachito's...

sdf42450 03-13-2005 05:52 PM

currnetly just hitting 5mg/day of PGF2a

next one will probably be

test enanthate, 4oht, EQ and maybe some tren enanthate...

Gary 03-14-2005 08:43 AM

You mean you guys actually DO drugs? I thought we all just talked about them for recreational purposes?

Dave876 03-14-2005 01:03 PM

Yup that is all we do we talk about them and pretend to do them..Its like a role playing game thats all.

Gary 03-14-2005 03:18 PM

Oh alright, I got scared I was the only one for a second there...

I'm currently off cycle, in the summer I'm planning for an 8 week M4OHN/1,4AD stack, I don't juice... yet.

The Reporter 03-16-2005 08:44 AM

This is my last week of PCT from a four-week SD/4Derm/MDHT (PreWO only) cycle.

PCT is going phenomenally well. I've been going through 6OXO, Vitrex and Oratropin-1. I had virtually no shutdown from the cycle, just from the emperical observation of no raisins. Strength is still way up and is still gaining. The pump is still full, not as full as on cycle, but fulfilling enough.

I'll be starting another round of the above cycle but with a tighter CKD and at least 5 days a week of solid cardio. I hope to be in single digit bodyfat levels by summer. From my results of OT-1, I hope to be able to run it as an essential part of my PCT, along with Rebound XT and maybe LeanXtreme.

Snachito 03-16-2005 09:03 AM

Good to see you over here Reporter!

The Reporter 03-16-2005 09:16 AM

Good to be here, Snachito. Hey, bra, I might be getting a mat down in my basement this week so I can start training at home. But I'm wondering if you could recommend any good no-gi submission tapes or DVDs? I'm going to be training with guys that come from freestyle wrestling and they won't be wearing gis. I was kind of thinking Mario Sperry's Vale Tudo set.

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