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ptownbuilder 02-27-2009 05:34 PM

Cardio after workout, or cardio alone? Does it matter?
I've tried 20-30 minutes HIIT after a workout(7 days of lifting and cardio) and I've done it on off days (four or three day splits with days of just cardio and abs between them). Which is better to do or does it really matter? I know it's probably different for each individual, but a general consensus would be nice. Thank you!

Scorcher2005 03-13-2009 02:37 PM

Well i have read before that its either best to do it after a workout when blood sugar levels are already lowered therefor it doesnt use it as an energy source. On non lifting days ive heard its best in the morning.

jdk88 04-15-2009 11:56 AM

Do it in the morning before you've had anything to eat. This burns off all the glycogen your body has stored.

Ross86 04-15-2009 05:59 PM

^^^ That's an absolutely awful idea.

Kevsworld 04-19-2009 08:00 PM

I think you are much better off doing cardio on your non-weightlifting days if you can make the time for it.

Morning (fasted) cardio can be useful if you keep the intensity low to moderate and if you are not an ectomorph (skinny type).

oleshifty 01-06-2010 11:04 AM

I normally run before eating in the AM on non lift days

And post-workout in the PM on lift days.

Main reason being....if I eat before I run, I normally lose the meal. Running before lifting just leads to a crappy lift. Running after lifting normally just leads to more sweat. (I obviously only run after upper body lift days)

Playmaker7 01-07-2010 05:58 AM

I've been doing cardio on an empty stomach for the past few months and I feel I get the best results from that. I then usually come back to the gym later in the day to lift. So to answer you question I do cardio then lift. I'm not sure what your intentions bulk or cutting wise are, but I've been cutting for what seems like forever and this set up has been working very well for me.

TALO 01-07-2010 07:59 AM


Originally Posted by Ross86 (Post 79002)
^^^ That's an absolutely awful idea.

why do you say that ?

Pitysister 01-07-2010 01:37 PM

i think there was some research done on fasted cardio...and how it was better to at least have some aminos floating around inside your gut before doing cardio :)

EricT 01-09-2010 03:22 PM

I kind of noticed that everybody is talking about eating or not eating before running and running before breakfast as if they are the same exact issue.

Running on an empty stomach is not the same thing as running in a fasted state.

Running in the morning without eating is running in a FASTED state, like Pity just said.

That is not the same issue as to whether you eat just before run later in the day, assuming you have eaten that day.

Just thought I'd point that out because when we don't define our terms we tend to get muddled.

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