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cmatthew4 04-23-2010 11:00 PM

does this sound odd?
when im in my bulking phase i make sure to gains a nice healthy layer of fat (obveously not over doing it....
when i go back to my cutting phase i lose my weight and fat pretty well and at a pretty decent speed except at my lower abs... seems like it the complete last place to lose fat.... i could be almost completely cut anywhere else but my lower abs will have a good layer of fat on it... i can get rid of it but it takes a long time and its sort of unpredictable?

ive heard everything from it being normal to it being mostly water weight....
it just strikes me a little odd
i was wondering what do you guys think it would most likely be....
just stuborn fat?

ill be going to the doc soon... ill ask him as well

EricT 04-24-2010 10:27 AM

It's normal and it's why natural people who do the "cut and bulk" thing hardly ever really get "cut". At least not shredded like they think they are going to be. If you have never gotten that last bit of fat to go then you have never REALLY cut which requires much more control and specilization then just losing that layer of fat you put on (provided that is easy for you).

As far as water weight part of cutting is also dehydrating. But this is likely what is called the "stubborn fat".

My prediction is as long as you do the cut and bulk thing you'll always be left with that lower part unless you get really ridiculous and go down to very low bf levels. Upon which time if you bulk back up you'll end up with the same thing again.

Let me be clear...getting rid of that last bit of stubborn fat, which means getting down to the single digits of BF, IS cutting. Before that you are just dropping fat.

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