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ahmedusman 08-31-2012 05:46 PM here
Hello everyone...just registered at this forum..

i have been working out for last 2 months with a goal of losing fat and build some muscles...i m 5-10,253 pounds with a body fat % of 28-32(thats what the calculator says)..

I m keeping my protein intake high at minumum of a 1 gram per pound of LBM ans keeping the fat 10% of my diet to let work my brain and nervous system run...what i read the rest of the calories should be coming from the carbs...i m on deficiet diet..trying my best to remain at 1200-1500 per day..around 600 from protein,600 from carbs and 100-150 from fats...i hit weights 6 times a weak and cardio 4 times a week..i do not do cardio on leg days...

my routine is

back bisep, 15 minutes of HIIT cardio at home
chest,tricep,..15 minutes of HIIT cardio at home

Repeat same next 3 days

my weight loss is not that much but i understand the weight is stable due to the lean mass repalcing on fat...but the tummy and belly fat seems there like 2 month i need to cut more on carbs or fats?


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