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J-Rock 02-17-2008 09:10 AM

Please help me
My wife has quit smoking, but has put on some weight switching her vice to another vice (eating). She is 26, 5-9, and weighs 185. I need some help developing a nutrition plan. Not sure whats more important for the ladies to lose weight.

What would be an appropriate amount of fat, carbs, and protein for her?


TALO 02-17-2008 05:29 PM

Hard to say about calories, but if she cuts out the sugar that will make a huge difference. It not so much that she's eating too much, just too much of the wrong thing.

Have her right down what she is eating (for atleast 3 days) then we will have a better idea of how to help.

J-Rock 02-17-2008 05:55 PM

Will do.....thanks

J-Rock 02-20-2008 04:47 PM

K I will have a list in a couple days. BTW she's lost four pounds so far in two weeks.

Shes cut out all soda, chips, processed foods, and alcohol.

Basically I have her portioning out her meals. For each meal I told her to have a serving of protein, carbs, and a couple servings of fats.

She is taking her multivitamin and Omega 3-6-9 capsules.

IronKitten 02-23-2008 01:42 PM

There really isn't much of a difference between developing nutrition plans for men and women. Women just tend to need fewer cals, and most women seem do better with a moderate or low carb level with more fats.

For your wife, I'd say start her off at 13xBW for total cals, then reduce from there based on progress
(13x181 = 2353 cals)

1-1.5g protein/lb BW
(1.5x181 = 271g P [1084 cals])

0.5g fat/lb BW
(0.5x181 = 90g F [810 cals])

Fill in the remaining allotted cals with carbs
(2353-1084-810 = 459 cals [459/4 = 115g C])

TALO 02-23-2008 01:46 PM

2300+ cals seems high to me. I'm 230 and have a few days were that's all I eat. ( when I'm not training).

IronKitten 02-23-2008 02:03 PM


Originally Posted by TALO (Post 49230)
2300+ cals seems high to me. I'm 230 and have a few days were that's all I eat. ( when I'm not training).

It's just a general starting point. Most women start fat loss at 13xBW. Some need to go lower. It also depends on her activity level.

Without knowing everything about what she's doing, what her body type is, how she handles carbs, it's tough to make a dead set diet for her. If she starts at this, and after a week isn't getting changes, then she can drop the cals down some more.

TALO 02-23-2008 02:36 PM


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