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loganchristo 09-12-2012 03:38 AM

My name is Logan Christopher. I am a physical culturist.

I began my training at the gym like everyone else during high school, getting programs out of the bodybuilding magazines because that was what I was exposed to. After more research I found out that there was a lot more out there from bodyweight exercises to kettlebells, hand strength to strongman lifts and more. I became an avid fan reading about and training in all these modalities.

I got interested in hand balancing after watching my friend walk on his hands. From that point on I have steadily worked on increasing my skills. I joined an adult gymnastics class even though I had no prior gymnastic experience. With their help and facilities I increased my tumbling and hand balancing skills. Though I do not currently train there, I have taken those lessons with me.

Hand balancing use to be something that almost everyone practiced to some degree. All weightlifters had various amounts of experience, though that is far from the case today. I aim to bring hand balancing back to everyone


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