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MoleCule 12-10-2008 12:01 PM

Hey! New and need help!
Hey everyone, I finally joined up! 17, 1/2 active but really want to make a change!

To be honest, my main goal is to burn fat and then get into weights /bulk up, I do go to the gym a few days a week but I'm not really following a set plan!? I have started protein supplements, now is the best time to kick my figure back into shape!

So I ask, can anyone point me in the right direction, diet etc!

Cheers and gr8 to be here! :)

Ross86 12-10-2008 12:17 PM

Start by reading the stickies in the different forums. Resistance training will help you lean up, so there's no need to try to cut before starting to lift.


widdoes2504 12-10-2008 12:32 PM

Welcome. Read the stickies first and then what ask questions about what you are unsure of.

Frontline 12-10-2008 01:16 PM

Welcome to the board bro. :biggthumpup:

Like everyone else said, look at the stickies then hit us up if you have more specific questions.

mad matt 12-10-2008 01:36 PM

Wlecome, read lots and ask as many questions as you can, advice here is the best, but dont ask me cus i know shit:biglaugh::biglaugh:

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