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johnny5 09-26-2012 04:51 AM

John Quinlan
I just signed up here on this forum/site. I am very happy to be part of it. I am a model and have been involved in fitness for the past 2 decades. Much respect for everybody here. Just thought I would add a couple recent photos of myself and a quick YouTube video link to give me credibility with the other members and admins but it just told me I need at least 10 posts so I will get there eventually, will get to posting around taking care of my 3 babies, ha ha ha! Thanks again everybody. God Bless

johnny5 10-31-2012 05:05 AM

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I have been so busy that I haven't really been able to get on here and I apologize as I am sure I will in the near future. Still have great respect for all the members and admins. Thank you for the Happy Birthday wish! Means a lot and I personally thank you!

Maudio909 11-20-2012 12:14 PM

Welcome to the forum bro"
Glad to see you joined the forum
Im trying to lose the weight at the moment. But im not sure what i should drop down to.

johnny5 11-22-2012 12:15 AM

Thanks, I really don't get on here as much as I would like but as far as weight loss goes measure yourself by the mirror and how you feel rather being too into the scale.

Seng Stewart 12-11-2012 03:37 AM

Hi Johnny, i just joined this forum too. Did not realise the rule on posting links here until i read your intro. I too may want to post some pics and compare results. This is the way to improve by comparing and exchanging useful tips and notes with others ya. Hope to hear from you soon again.

johnny5 12-11-2012 05:20 AM

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Thanks Seng, I agree :)


aaliyahadams 12-19-2012 12:31 AM

Hello And Welcome to the forum!!!

johnny5 12-19-2012 04:34 AM

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aaliyahadams, thank you so much for the nice welcome! I see you are new to the forum. I am fairly new also and will try to start being more active. You train a lot or compete?

aaliyahadams 12-20-2012 12:14 AM

Welcome to the forum!!!

johnny5 12-20-2012 08:25 AM

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I can't complain about the lack of love you have shown me aaliyah, thanks again for the welcome words....awesome! :WEIGHT~13:

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