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TeacherCoach27 03-30-2005 09:26 AM

New to the Board
Hello to all. I am new the message board thing but I am always looking to gain new insights. I am a 27 year old high school teacher and coach in Kansas. I am 6'6, 260 pounds and have been involved in strength training since I was about 16. I am into bodybuilding but I am also more into the training of body movement and body composition. I want to be big but I also want to be able to move. Alot of this probably stems from the fact that I suffered three ruptured disks playing arena football and I want to be able to take care of myself for the rest of my life. I am currently looking to go back to grad school and work with some of my old coaches in strength and conditioning. I am also getting ready to take the CSCS certification. I look forward to chatting with you all and I look forward to getting some good info.

Frontline 03-30-2005 09:29 AM

Welcome aboard Coach!

For what team and position did you play for during arena football?

TeacherCoach27 03-30-2005 10:03 AM

I was an OLB in college but played DE in the arena leagues. I have played in the IFL for Topeka, AFL2 for Wichita, and was getting ready to move to Tampa to try out before I got hurt and got into coaching too much

Kilo 03-30-2005 11:08 AM

Welcome coach.

Smokey Bear 393 03-30-2005 08:08 PM

Welcome to the forum Coach!

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