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Noob with questions

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Old 01-09-2010, 09:29 AM
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Default Noob with questions

Hello. I am a newb.

I have hit the Gym before. And every time I go, I train hard, and I try to push more then I did last time, pushing my reps up to 6 or eight. Just so I can put another five pounds on.

Every time I went, I went for 3-4 times a week....

However, I am a newb because I have never really followed any real routine. I dont even really wear work out clothes. Just boots, jeans, and a T-shirt.
I never reached any real gains because, even thought I was always pushing my records in my work-out log, I would move, and I would lose my Gym.

I spent the past 7 months doing nothing physical whatsoever, but have decided to get serious about things.

I am young. and I think I have a fairly good frame for lifting.
I have fairly respectable arms (for never having really worked them) but no reap pecs to speak of. And that is when I would like to see the most gains. Though the more I read, muscle gain is a complete package. Gotta squat to get those pecs..

Anyways, My ring finger is much longer then my index finger. According to anthropology studies, this means I was fed a good amount of testerone in the womb. My chest hair would seem to confirm this.
I have the type of body that looks verry meteoric in a mirror without his shirt, but I have a fairly large looking shadow..... if that makes sense.

Anyways, correct me if im wrong. But it seems like I could make some real gains if I got serious about it, so I have a couple of questions.

First, I have bought Cytosport Whey protien. Now, I read that lifters take at least 150gs However, that leaves me to take 3-4 scoops every meal.... now, that sounds abit much.
I already know when the best times a day to take it are.... but total, how many scoops should I be taking on my work out days? How many scoops on my off-days?

Other then that, I wont be doing much in the way of diet. My woman cooks meals for us, 2-3 times a day, and that is how I like it.

Next, My legs.... I think I have fairly strong thighs. I can push allot on the leg press.... but that apparently pales in comparison to squats.... However I have verry inflexible ankles... What I mean is, when I did football years ago, I could not perform a proper squat because I couldnt keep my feet flat when I started bringing my ass closer to the ground. I had to stop training in Shaolin Kung Fu because whenever I tried to execute a perfect Horse Stance, I went up to the balls of my feet....

Further, back when I did try squats (many years agao) it was just extremely uncomfortable supporting all that weight on the top of your spine.... I felt like my focus was, not in my legs, but on my back.

Im not saying that I am 100% opposed to the idea of squats. Just stating the reasons why I havent really tried them in so long...... any way to help me get over this?

Third question.... is something where the barbell is attached to the apparatus, such as a smith machine, could as free weights, or a machine? will it still work my stabilizers the way I want it too?

Next, when working the cllf muscles via a deadlift bar on a box, is it better to go slow, or give yourself more of a jump? Is that a compound exercise? on a “leg day”, how important would those muscles be?

And lastly, but most importantly. If I am not sore in the chest, does that mean I am safe to work it again?
I have recently come under the attention that I have been working under a motivation to intentionally overtrain.... In many ways, I live by the philosophy “no pain, no gain”, and “whatever doesnt kill me, makes me stronger”..... I thought this would be doubly true for weight lifting.
The more sore I was after a workout, the better I would feel about my time spent. I would always shoot for muscle failure. I would start at my 3-6 rep max, and push untill I had to break form to get that last one in. Apparently, this is a bad thing? If so, then how do you tell when to move the weight up if you never test yourself with weather or not you can do “just one more”.

In any case, last time I hit the weights, I couldnt even lift the barbell all the way to the top hook (which is what I was going for I thought). But my chest isn't even sore except for some tightness when I flex it..... it it safe to work it again?

Ok, I lied. I have more questions....
I dont warm up, stretch, or warm down.... My work out is verry simple.... I lift untill I hit 5-10 reps, then I add on more weight. When I can do 5-10 reps (depending on the workout), then U up the weight again and record it in my workout log..... I always shoot for that rep range, and I dont really count how many sets I do.....

How bad is this? Is this bad if I am still making gains in my log?

..... Ok. that is all I have for now.

Hello. My name is Zenjamin
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Old 01-09-2010, 01:14 PM
Zenjamin Zenjamin is offline
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I will try Squats again.... but how much would I be missing out if I supplemented that with Deadlifts and Deadlift snatches (clean lifts?)

Any opinions on Kettle Bells?
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