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mojoclemson 04-11-2005 11:30 AM

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This is my slim body as of March 19th. This was before I had begun eating what I have been lately. Once May comes around I will post another to show my results. I have gained 9lbs already since then, so I can tell a little already, but hopefully another 10lbs should do the trick for now. Once I get to 150 I will set some new goals.

Dr X 04-11-2005 11:46 AM

What are you eating?
Look forward to the follow up pic.

mojoclemson 04-11-2005 11:52 AM

my meals consist mainly of only:

chicken breasts, almonds, oatmeal, shrimp, protein shakes, a little creatine (a little before and a little after workouts). Honestly that's about it right now. Before workouts I try and eat almonds and then take my shake (1serving) about an hour before workout with a little creatine as well. Then after workout I take 2 servings of protein, a little creatine, and take a vitamin. Then an hour or so later I try and have more chicken then before bed I drink some milk for the cassein. When I wake up I have a protein shake right away to get the whey in me then have some oatmeal.....

Well, I just started a journal on here, so just check it out for what I am doing from day to day if you'd like. Thanks for the post

Killian 04-11-2005 11:57 AM

looking forward to seeing you reach your goals :D , i will be following your journel too. Your diet looks pretty good, i may give a simular diet a try.


mojoclemson 04-11-2005 10:23 PM

can i get any guesses on how much of a change i will have by may???? i know you guys wont know for sure by anymeans, but hey.... well i guess im just bored typing... later

Darkhorse 04-11-2005 10:28 PM


Originally Posted by mojoclemson
can i get any guesses on how much of a change i will have by may???? i know you guys wont know for sure by anymeans, but hey.... well i guess im just bored typing... later

1-2 pounds a week is realistically what to expect. Sometimes up to three, but not very often. Diet right, train hard, and 1-2 pounds per week is awesome. Doesn't sound like much, but the average in a month would be around 6 solid pounds. :)

Snachito 04-12-2005 05:56 PM

I also would like to see your follow up pics. We are pullin for you mojoclemson, so keep workin hard bro!

mojoclemson 04-12-2005 06:52 PM

thanks a lot guys. Well I just weighed myself today, I weighed in at 142, up 13lbs from about 3weeks ago. And my max on bench from last week shot through the roof. I could barely do 135 5 times last week on tuesday. today I did it 8 times easily, could have done 10+ prolly, but i stopped at 8 so i could try 145, did that 4 times (5&6 spotted), then bumped it down to 140, got a little carried away I guess with 145, but wow im happy about that.

sngle_chck 04-20-2005 08:42 PM

serious Advice
Ok, dude, listen carefully!!!!!!!!!
Way to be first of all! Totally awesome what your doing for yourself! Keep up the awesome work! Here are some good tips. If your looking to gain, you need to eat! Your diet is soooo freakin clean! However much you weigh, as a rule of my thumb, you should eat in g of protein and carbs a day! And every 3-5 days eat double the carbs to keep your metabolism in check. If you think your metabolism is quicker than normal (staying lean is easy), than up your carbs even more. I mean, coming from a girls pt of view, wont matter if your 11% BF b/c you look fuller w/o being fat.... The carb loading will help you make gains faster and it wont make you fat! The creatine with that will help dramatically. And if staying fairly lean is a main concern, eat really "clean" carbs. But, eat a lot more than you are :) !!!!!

sorry if that's confusin, low carbs myself
you could be up to 150 by this weekend if you carb up!!!!!Keep that in mind.

mojoclemson 04-20-2005 08:57 PM

Thanks alot sngl_chik if i remember your name correctly. Check out my journal for my actual info on what I have been doing lately. I have been eating loads, I guess more carbs are a possibility, I ate about 60g more today than yesterday because I was still hungry after some meals. My stomach must be expanding to a huge degree, I never used to get hungry prabably eating around 1500-2000 calories a day. a ton of that was fat due to eating pizza and other fried foods.

Checked out your pictures, I think you're doing quite well. Keep up your good work.

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