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Paunovic 07-31-2010 12:39 AM

A little help
Look i started to workout on definition of my body.
My nutrition is ok (I dont eat anything sweetly ).
Only i eat : fish,meat,salad,egs,etc(so only food with proteins)
Here are my pictures :

So i have 2 questions :

1 ) How much i need to eat grams protein and carbohydrates on day X my kg ?
2 ) Is ok if i do cardio on every 2 day ?(in the morning on the empty stomach )I want to run mby 20min or smth like that ? This will be enough or ?

oke thats it,best regards guys and sry for english i hope u understand what i want to say !

ALPHA_XX 07-31-2010 09:24 AM

you should at least get 2,2g of protein per kg bodyweight.
carbs: it depends, wheater you get fat slowly or fast, od if youŽre on a cut or a bulk. just try it out and youŽll find the riht deal. but make sure aou eat mist of your carbs for breakfast and after your workout.

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