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Frontline 03-09-2005 12:17 PM

CKD Setup Suggestions Wanted
Hey guys,

I am planning on starting a CKD cutting session in a week after spring break and want to spend this next week getting prepared so I can start when I get back. I will be following Mr. X's CKD worksheet (unless someone can suggest something easier) and was just wondering what type of high fat/low carb foods people are eating on this.

I personally do not want to be eating unhealthy foods like bacon in oil on this diet, so I kind of want to keep it as clean as possible. I am having a little problems getting high fat/low protein percentages for the first few days according to the manuals. So if you have done this before and can offer some foods that could accomplish this let me know.

Here is my list of I am planning on eating so far for the protein/fats:
Ground Beef 80/20
Round Steak
Skinless Chicken Breasts
Almonds (sparingly because of the carbs)
Natural Peanut Butter
Flax Oil
Whey Protein
Whole Milk
Possibly Whole Cream

I just don't want to be sucking down cream cheese and whipping cream like those rediculous Atkin diets so I want the foods to at least be semi healthy.

Any advice from people who have done a CKD session would be great. Also if you know of a calculation for determining macronutrients that works better than Mr. X's (his is pretty complicated) then let please let me know also.

Also, has anyone noticed weak workouts when doing the CKD program? Thats another thing I am worried about. Finally, should I keep my dextrose in post workout shakes and if so should I still keep it at 100 grams or cut it back? Once I start I will create a Cutting Journal to keep my progress updated and share results.

Dave876 03-09-2005 03:04 PM

You menu looks pretty tight,but I would rather see you stick to 93% lean or better ground beef...My best friends while doing a CKD are hambuger salads with mustard,natty PB(but limited due to carbs) and sugar free jello!!Dr.X's setup is a bit weird so a good simple way to go about it is 1g protein/lb and start at 1.5g fat/lb...

Let me know if you need some help.

Frontline 03-09-2005 05:00 PM

Ya your calculations seem alot easier. I guess I'll just try them out since It will save me alot of hassle. I was having a hard time getting fitday to cooperate by having 85% fat and like 15% protein or whatever the first day. I usually do 93/7 lean but I will have to find a way to bump up fats from some other source since it won't be coming from red meat.

Dave876 03-09-2005 05:24 PM

Fish oils,olive oil on the salad+string cheese..Add heavy cream to your protein shakes as well.

Frontline 03-09-2005 06:21 PM

Thx for the help Dave.

One more thing, should post workout shakes still contain dextrose? And if so how much is safe to still stay in ketosis?

Also is there any problem with taking clen with CKD to speed up the cutting process?

hrdgain81 03-10-2005 10:14 AM

Sleazy, I'm starting up a CKD cutting cycle on the first of April. The only thing I would say is dont forget about the veggies. I dont know if you just werent listing them, but they are important.

I also keep some jerky on me almost all the time. you gotta watch what brand you buy though. some have carbs, and some have loads of salt. so as i'm sure you do, read lables.

I would check out some cottage cheese too, I love that crap.

Also, as dave mentioned hitting up heavey cream with protien powder. I throw mine in the freezer sometimes. Leave it for about a half hour, then it comes out even thicker, like a half icecream/pudding thing.

I wouldnt use dextrose in the post w/o shake durring regular workouts. Save that for your carb refeed days. It will pull you right out of ketosis.

Dave876 03-10-2005 12:55 PM

Well actually Hardgain you do want to keep your post workout shake(weight lift days only) BUT cut the dextrose back to 20grams it will knock you out of ketosis,but on briefly.Post work nutrition is aways important.

No problems with clen and CKD.

Frontline 03-10-2005 01:01 PM

Thx for the advice guys. I'll create my journal next week so people can see my progress. Too much spring break boozing going on for me to follow this diet between now and then :)

hrdgain81 03-11-2005 05:07 AM

good lookin out dave, I will add that to my post workout shake while on ckd from now on.

And if you get a chance, I still need some help setting up my lifting schedual for the ckd, hit up my email when you get a chance.

joeyboy777 03-12-2005 09:25 AM

Good luck hrdgain and Sleazy. Ive been on the diet now for 2 months? The first 3 weeks are hard/different getting used to the diet, then I felt a lot better. Oh yeah, Sleazy, here is a site made by Mr. X with a breakdown of fat/pto. . What dave said works too. SDF also said that If you increase the fats, you can increase protien.
Things ive noticed or woul make sure to do.
1. Good call on the veggies, definately need brocolli, asparagas mushrooms, onions. those are the ones I eat. I need to up my intake, sometimes I notice Ive gone 3 days without any veggies. Im changing that to at least once if not 2 times per day.
2. I use dextrose in my pst wo shakes,
3. Clen is OK, Ive tried it for 2 weeks, just make sure you have taurine for muscle cramps. I didnt see much better results than an ecy. I did like that the clen made more enregy for workouts. EC stacks will be sufficient and cheaper.
4. Results, yes, I like them. 220 down to 195 so far.
5. Weak workouts? yes and no. On the monday after sunday carbup, huge pumps. I feel gargantuan. A few workouts later in the week will need an extrqa push. Ive done back workouts, and had to leave the room because ther is no way I can do another set of pullups. Ive found that a little extra rest on reps can help if you need it. Walk around for 3-6 minutes, get gome water. Then get back to the heavy stuff. Just try to stay motivated.
6. Motivation. Keep to the diet and carbup. During the first 3 weeks I freaked out. I had som real dirty carb ups. " beer, its a carb right, Its saturday night, time to drink a case/get wasted" then go to olive garden, eat potatoes all day, make pankakes and rice. blah blah blah. So I would gain 10-13 pounds on my carb up day.
It may be from alcohol and overeatinf on sunday. I lost all the weight over the next week, but I would feel bloated. This only hapened for the first 3 weeks. I cut down on drinking and made cleaner carbups. I have read on other boards it is OK to fluctiate in weight diring the week. FYI.
7. Workout. Currently I am using DOGGCRAPS workout. I will switch to 0311's in a few weeks. Ive made good progress so far. Continue to go heavy on the weights. Try to increase the weight every week until you hit a plateu, then hit the muscle from another angle, and repeat.
8. Cardio. Everyone has an opinion. I know I need it. Ive tried running with my dog before. No way in hell I would keep up with him. I know even if I do circuit training, or lift heavy, it wont bring up my endurance for running up as much as running/elliptical/biking would. So I do it. I do cardio in the morning after I take in 25g of pro. It can be tough right after waking up. but itll get you ready for the day. get a good sweat on, then hit the showers.
9. OK, ill write for days on random items, Ill leave it here. Good luck.

Joe A

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