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Getting rid of bloating but carbination???

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Old 05-11-2008, 09:33 PM
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Default Getting rid of bloating but carbination???

Ive dropped about 105 pounds in the last year or so, some people may call it a miracle but i call it hardwork. I had a question and im trying to figure out Im on a clean diet, i really havent gained any weight or lost any in the past month and i bounce in and out from 158-164 throughout the days of the week now ive been noticing i get abnormally bloated, everything i eat is plain brownrice, tuna, salmon, chicken breast everything plain no sodium no nothing the worst thing thats been in my system for the past 7 months or closest to " cheating " has been mustard or popcorn at night...which I think is fine. My question for anyone who had an answer out there is I usually use pierre water to settle my stomach, but i was wondering is the carbination bad for you in any way? i searched the nutritional facts and its straight 0's down the chart exept for a small percentage of calcium in it other than that it works pretty well to stop bloating but i was just wondering if it was bad in any ways??

thanks guys
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