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HELP my nutrition please!

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Old 08-16-2011, 09:30 PM
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Default HELP my nutrition please!

Dear everyone,

I have a serious problem in my nutrition.
Hereís my case:
Iím tall, skinny (6í3 and 165 pounds) and I live in a BIG family. I have three sisters and one brother and my parents love still each other (thank god!). My mom does grocery shopping every week and the food in the house gets eat FAST! I try to eat more but I canít because food goes fast here. So I grew up to eat little meals.

Since January, Iíve been working three times a week to beef up. I read stuff about muscle building, joined the school gym and got my first program. Iíve been doing great but I still havenít a pound! I drank a protein shake after every workout but it done nothing.

So I researched and found out that I wasnít eating enough. So, I try to make bigger lunches but food is very limited here. When I try to eat more, my mom always stops me because I have to leave some to the others. I tried to explain to her that I need to eat more but she doesnít want to buy special meals for me.

Iím a student so I canít buy more food myself because all my money pretty much goes to pay for school right now. I can buy SOME food but not alot.

So, what can I do?
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