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Old 07-16-2011, 08:31 AM
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Default My Macros

Ok, a little heads up. Currently, I am 24, 164 lbs, 6'1" lbs. My goal is to attain more muscle while not gaining to much fat...

I am attaching three word documents. They are FitDay 1, 2, 3.

FitDay 1: Two years ago when I was at 190 lbs and also not a vegetarian. I was consuming 6 small meals a day and really making weight gains but a lot of fat on my body also that scared me off.

FitDay 2: A normal eating day now on non-lift days and now a vegetarian. Only 3 meals a day. Currently at 164 lbs and not really making any weight gains. I like how I don't have as much fat as I did two years ago but don't like not being as muscular.

FitDay 3: A normal eating day now on lift days. Only 3 meals a day also. The only thing different is I add the ON Glyco-Maize and SizeOn. That adds some more calories, carbs, and protein to the MACROS.

Please give me your thoughts, etc. I know a majority of you are going to say that I am not making gains because I am not eating as much as say in FitDay 1. Two years ago I posted FitDay 1 on here and you guys said the MACROS were right. But I was adding a ton of fat around my waist that I could not stand. That's why I started doing just 3 meals a day and so forth because I was scared of gaining all that fat.

But if that's what it's going to have to take, then I might go back to it. Interesting how I am still getting about the same amount of calories and protein from 3 meals a day as I was from 6 meals a day.
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