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Need Help With Dieting Question??? What To Do???

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Old 06-17-2005, 03:15 PM
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Default Need Help With Dieting Question??? What To Do???

Alright,I just cant figure out exactly what I want to do...

For the Past 2-3 weeks Ive been on a High Protein,Low Carb,Low Fat Diet,But the problem is im building for Strength+Slight increase in Mass.So Thats not exactly the diet I need to be on...

With School coming back around in 6 weeks Im worried about multiply topics that hold me back from going on monster diet...

1) I dont want to begin a high protein,high carb,mid fat diet right now with only 6 weeks till school.Because by the time it gets to school starting back up I'll have a heavier weight look...

2) I Would Probley begin my cutting right when school starts, Meaning I wouldnt be taking in all the carbs and I wouldnt have the full pack of energy for Football (My Life)...

3) I dont know exactly what I'll be playing, My doc Is just releasing me back so I can play from a 99-00 Injury to my knee from football,I use to play almost everything... Shoot I played O-Line,D-Line,Linebacker,Full Back,Even played Center once... But that Was when I was Heavier...
I began that Diet I was talking about at the mid-end of 8th grade,I trained 5-6 days a week and gained massively around 40-50 pounds ( was about 160-170),Then during summer I worked alot and still hit gym gaining amazing strength gains and felt great at all times.
But then at the beginning of school I had to quit gym because I went to school from 7AM-2PM went to work at 3PM worked to 9PM and I dont drive till Jan 05 so Gym wasnt possibly... Body stopped acting like it use to and I dropped 35-40 pounds (couldnt eat like I use 2, Talking maybe one meal a day)...

So Im Probley going to be going out for Linebacker For I Love the spot and because I cant play Varsity Do to working all summer (quitting when school starts back up) Im sure I'll be starting even with my not exactly Linebacker weight on JV...(135-140)

Should I go onto a High Protein,Mid-Carb,Low fat diet...And if you think thats the answer I need to know a estimated guess at how many carbs we are talking about a day...

Sry about length!!!
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Old 06-17-2005, 03:33 PM
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Did you check out the "Clean Bulking" thread?
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Old 06-17-2005, 08:23 PM
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considering his body weight he should go on Dave's see food diet(eat everything u see) rather than the clean bulk.
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