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Need help with my diet

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Old 05-07-2012, 04:28 AM
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Default Need help with my diet

Need help with my diet

A little background...I am 25, 6'1", 175 lbs. As some of you might know I am a vegetarian. I have been taking SizeOn for a regular basis for the past few years. Back in August of last year I was 163 lbs and taking in about 3300 calories a day. Then I added a trainer and he had me bump up to 4800 calories per day. That's when I went up to my normal weight of 173 lbs and later on I just felt like I was adding a little to much fat and 4800 calories seemed way to excessive. I am trying to bulk up and gain more muscle.

So I bumped down to 3700 calories and that's where I am at now, still stuck at 175 lbs. Now I know I am pretty much naturally skinny but lately I just feel like everytime I try to bulk up with muscle, I gain more fat around my waist and very little muscle. I want it to be the opposite.

My current macros are:
Calories: Roughly 3700-3800 a day
Carbs: 398 grams
Fat: 115 grams
Protein: 340 grams

My past macros when I was at 4700 calories:
Calories: 4800
Carbs: 480 grams
Fat: 151 grams
Protein: 415 grams

Basically my day looks like this:
Meal 1: Oats with fruit, 6 egg whites, protein shake with almond milk and peanut butter
Meal 2: Kashi GoLean Cereal
Meal 3: 2 Vegetarian Brats with 2 slices of bread, broccoli, a vegetarian patty, protein shake with oats and water
Meal 4: Tofu
Meal 5: Vegetarian Chicken, Green Beans, Whole grain brown rice with black beans
Meal 6: Yogurt with protein shake with almond milk

I am attaching some pictures, my current macros, and my past macros. Any help awould be much appreciated. If you don't think I can gain much more muscle than that, than maybe I just need to focus more on losing fat and cutting. I will eat literally the same thing everyday and promise to do what you say. I am dedicated! I know I am probably consuming to much processed vegetarian meats but that's where I get my calories from?

Macros at 4700:

Macros at 3800:

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