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Need opinions on my diet

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Old 09-04-2010, 04:58 AM
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Default Need opinions on my diet

Height 180 cm = 5'9"
Weight 72kg = 158 lbs.

The goal of the diet is bulking.
My BMR is ~2800 kcal a day,I set up my diet so that I get 3200 kcal.

7:30 - 3 Boiled eggs + 200g oats with milk (680kcal)
10:30 - 65g of tuna + bread (180 kcal)
13:30 - 50g of chicken + bread + veggies (200kcal)
16:00 - 150g of chicken + pasta/rise + veggies (600kcal)
17:00 - workout
18:30 - protein shake (40g of dymatize elite whey + 400ml of milk + a banana) (400kcal)
20:00 - Tuna 130g + bread + 100g of nuts (nuts eaten throughout the day) (800 kcal)
22:00 - 150g of cottage cheese + jam (180 kcal)

What do you think?
the Carb/protein/fat ratio is 346.96 / 256.17 / 105.59 or 50%/35%/15%

On the non-workout days i eat the same just without the protein shake.I also eat vitamins,and fish oil.

P.S. the 10:30 and 13:30 meals ar at eaten at school (thats why I eat them with bread,not pasta etc.,sandwiches are much more compatible haha )
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Old 09-13-2010, 07:19 PM
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looks good to me,the best advice i can give is to keep track of every detail. diets affect everyone different so by watching all the details, weight, weights your move, have fast your gaining, if its body fat. you seem to be at a good starting point but now you can watch the results and alter the diet slightly to better fit your body and goals
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