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nosenada 03-25-2009 04:34 PM

Please review my diet
Im new at the forum so first of all hi to all and hope im welcomed here =).

I've been on and off the gym since I was 18 (now im 25) but 5 months ago I started going seriously and I really want some changes in my Body. I was trying to build some muscles and I did it, I am satisfied (though I intend to keep growing) with help of No Xplode (just the last month) and good Whey protein. But now its time to burn some fat. I have 18% body fat, although everyone tell me I look like 12%, but I guess its because all my bodyfat is stored on my lower stomach. Ok, going to the point now, here is the diet in wich I intend to get to 10% bodyfat, please help me if I can correct anything.


25 year old Male (healthy as a horse, no conditions of any kind)
1.72 m tall
Last month I was on NoXplode did great things to me, stopped when I started the Lipo6x just yesterday.

7:30 am------ 2 Lipo 6x pills

8:00 am------ 3 egg whites, 1 full egg, 1 non fat wheat bread, 1 bannana, 1 scoup of whey protein with non fat milk.

9:00 am----------Gym (work 1 muscle a day) finished by 40 min of cardio (Not to intense, just keeping my pulse over 155)

11:00am---------- 2 Scoups of whey post gym, 1 or 2 scoups of Xtend BCAA 1 bannana 20gr of maltodextrine.

2:00pm.......... Some normal lunch, salad with some meat, tuna or some sort of protein (small rations)

4:30pm------- 2 Lipo 6x pills.

5:00pm-------- 1 non fat wheat bread with 1 can of tuna (aprox 160 gr, 25gr of protein every 100gr)

8:00pm------- 2 non fat wheat bread (with diet jellow or something like that) with 1 glass of non fat milk. Sometimes With a Scoup of Whey.

3 or times a week I play squash on the afternoon, sometimes 4.

Well that's it, I hope this is ok, if not I gladly read your opinion.

Regards to everyone.

mola_jutt 03-29-2009 02:52 PM

Why are you taking Lip6? If you are trying to reduce your belly fat then try about 6g of CLA. Also increase your protein intake. You should get back on Xplode and drop the Lipo6 in my opinion.


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