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ph0bia. 03-02-2009 02:54 AM

question regarding diet.. Rippetoe's program.
I'm following Ripptoe's Starting Strength. The following are my lifts:

Squat - 135 kgs
Bench Press - 77.5 kgs
Deadlift - 107.5 kgs
Military Press - 47.5 kgs
BB rows - 75 kgs

Weight: 84 kgs
BF%: 18

I tried tweaking my diet a bit but i went too high on the carbs and thus my weight jumped from 80 to 84 kgs. My diet now looks like this:

Calories - 3200
Carbohydrates 322g
Protein - 320g
Fat - 70g


My jeans seems to be fine on the waist (32-inch) but towards the thighs it's tighter. Should I keep running this diet along with the workout for a few more weeks? It's been 4-week already.

And this diet has worked for my before as well, i've added muscle while going down on the waist.

Ross86 03-02-2009 05:06 AM

What is your goal?

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