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Bahri 12-04-2008 06:02 PM

started off with hydroxycut hardcore

short details about me:
Weight: 87Kg
Height: 170cm
Less experience on weight lifting
unable to lift 10kg on the third set, 20kg on the end of first set

this is my 4th day of consuming hydroxycut hardcore. My aim was to simply lose weight and jog a few laps.

Somehow i just realised that i would not look nice if i ended up as plain skinny. So i decided to start building up muscles instead.

My friends advised to stop taking the hydroxycut at the moment; begin with Cell-Tech or NO EXPLODE and whey protein(for loading and energy during lifting). Hydroxycut comes last for fat burning and cutting.

Should i stop taking hydroxcycut hardcore and re-start as advised? Correct me if my plans below are wrong if i was to continue to consume hydroxycut.

6am: hydroxycut hardcore
4pm: hydroxycut hardcore
night 6pm: muscle training with cell tech/no explode and protein

please advise

Ross86 12-04-2008 08:31 PM

Just read the stickies. Hydroxycut might help you to lose a kilogram over...6 months. Protein is very important, but protein powder is not a miracle supplement. Cell tech & NO explode are just stupid. Cell tech is a shit ton of dextrose and some creatine monohydrate. NO explode is arginine and caffeine. Like I said, read the stickies and that will give you a good base to start from.

iron_worker 12-05-2008 07:59 AM

Ross is right. You need to focus on learning the lifts first and getting your diet down right (consisting mainly of whole natural foods). Don't worry about the supps so much.

Bahri 12-07-2008 11:16 PM

still new in this, but thanks for the tips :D

Bahri 12-07-2008 11:16 PM

still new in this, and thanks for the tips :D

mad matt 12-08-2008 05:49 AM

Good luck with this dude do as iorn worker and ross say and keep us all posted.

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