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USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic diet help ?

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Old 04-23-2010, 03:17 PM
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Default USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic diet help ?

hi everyone i am new to this sight so sory if i sound abit stupid

abit about my self

im 6ft 4 19st 2lb

and abt 17% body fat

now i keep going threw stages off my muscel fealing very full and other days i feal very loose

now i get very confused when it comes to the carbs im useing at the minuet the usn whey protein i have about 4 shakes aday plus 3 solid meals aday

now becouse i put fat on very easy iv always kept my carbs low i no this sounds mad but it has workt for me but now i dnt seem to be getting fuller in my muscels

i bought this usn muscle fuel anabolic iv used a full tub and i must add mit strengh did increase and i felt alot fuller and better in my self but iv stopt useing it now becouse i started putting waight on and i dnt want any more fat BUT will it be fat im putting on

this is wer i am very confused and its driveing me mad

this is my meal paln a day

7am breakfast 5 egg wites 2 slice oatmeal toast
9.30 muscle fuel shake
12.00 chicken breast pasta lettice and sweetcorn
2.30 protein shake muscle fuel
3.30 training and cardio usely in gym 1hr 40 mim
straight after training whey shake
7pm chicken or turkey boild spuds /or a jacket spud
9.30 whey protein before bed

oh also sounds a bit dath but i wake up threw the night and have a nuther whey shake between 2 and 3 am

i reaily just want a bit of help with what im doing eg should i have the muscle fuel insted of the way or other way round

or should i just have 1 or the other

my goal now is to keep all my muscle and lose the body fat but stay full and pumpt

i no this prob is a very stupid thread but it driving me insain

i dont drink or smoke and all natual

thanx big ste the more info the better ?
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